Not being a student and not being employed

This week I have been slightly depressed at the fact that I won’t be drinking every night but instead I’ll be at my parents house going to bed early to get up to do more work experience. As I have written in my previous blog entry I am a fan of work experience but when others are tweeting about their student loans and everlasting nights out, it’s hard to to remain positive.

Since the 27th July I have been calling myself a graduate but now that September has come around I feel like graduation was too long ago for me to now qualify. As I’m currently doing work experience/waiting for my ski season/waitressing, I don’t know what to call myself.

I will be attending one night of freshers this week in Manchester but as I’m working the next day I won’t be going too mad. I am slightly apprehensive about how I’m going to emotionally handle the night out, I have concluded that there are three possible scenarios:

  1. I become depressed and lecture a random fresher on how great uni is
  2. I will judge every student I see and thank goodness that I’m now much more mature
  3. I will accept the fact that I am neither student nor employee of anywhere

As I continue as a nomad into the Autumn only time can take me through to December when I will officially be a chalet host in Switzerland, until then I’m stuck in limbo.

Thoughts from this week:

  • People who work 9-5 must have no free time in the evenings, ever
  • I wish the weather would decide whether it’s summer or not
  • The Duchess is a great film
  • Blackpool is a windy place
  • I’m beginning to worry that my parents have a better social life than me



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One Response to Not being a student and not being employed

  1. geo says:

    Told you duchess was awesome. don’t worry December will be here before you know it. Xx

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