The Wedding Industry

Since my sister has been engaged I have had my fair share of contact with people in the wedding industry. Although the wedding on Saturday went off without a hitch I can imagine many weddings have fallen flat on their faces due to rubbish people in the industry.

One great thing about being in the wedding industry is that they must make a fortune. People spend thousands for the right dress, location, cars, flowers, band, photographer, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, ushers suits, honeymoon -the list is endless as I found out. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want to be the one who the bride comes to when the ties she ordered for the wedding haven’t turned up or one of the wedding cars you booked turns up and it isn’t what you booked.

However, there are some jobs that I would consider doing that are wedding related including the following: photographer, band member, master of ceremonies, bar staff, wedding car driver (as long as it’s the right car) or vicar. I feel I could do these roles as they either entail shouting loudly, getting people drunk or driving a cool car.

Jobs I would stay well clear of are wedding dress shop owner, doing wedding hair or make-up, catering, setting up or clearing away after the wedding or cake maker. These jobs either involve too much contact with the bride under pressure or are just too much effort.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I learnt today there is now a board game and a river named after me
  • They make car stickers saying goth on board
  • Azealia Banks is the coolest
  • I hope Andy Murray wins the US open tonight
  • Brides Magazine retweeted me today, hopefully this won’t be the last time Conde Nast publish my work

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