My favourite past time is complaining

Now that I am neither employed nor working the 9-5, I am finding myself with a lot of spare time between my waitressing shifts and have began to realise that I spend a lot of my time complaining.

I’ve spoken to others in the same situation as me and have spent several hours discussing how much our lives have changed since last year. We’ve gone from having our banks full of money that isn’t ours and days spent on the sofas in student houses with flatmates to living with our parents, having no money and a limited social life.

As you may have guessed being an ex-student is something I complain about a lot. Since my realisation of my amount of complaining I began to compile a list of other things that annoy me.

They include:

  • Instagram
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • The Trafford Centre
  • Not working the 9-5
  • Football
  • The X Factor
  • People who rant about stuff in the Youtube comment boxes
  • Watching films on TV with adverts
  • Fearne Cotton
  • People making small talk in public places

Another just as sociable past time that I have is watching films. As this is something I like to do I am a member of blockbuster and really enjoy spending time browsing through their films. I imagine that blockbuster has been struggling in recent years due to illegal downloads of films. When I go to blockbuster it also makes me feel like I’m saving the film industry when I visit, however my last trip lead to disappointment. They had neither American Psycho or The Hunger Games.

Thoughts from this week:

  • September is going way too quickly
  • Embarrassingly excited for MTV’s new show The Valleys
  • I predicted that Amanda Bynes is going to do a Charlie Sheen
  • The rain makes me feel like its OK to watch three films in one day
  • I’ve started watching Downton Abbey and it’s pretty good!
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One Response to My favourite past time is complaining

  1. You leave Fearne Cotton alone.

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