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The past three months in one post

It’s been a few months since I last blogged which is bad even by my standards. There’s a few reasons why; we’ve moved house, work has been busy, my laptop is on it’s last legs etc. but it’s better late … Continue reading

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Returning to running

Now that we’ve reached July I have started my three month marathon training plan for the Chester Marathon on the 2nd October. Although I never really stopped running, after the Snowdonia marathon last October I haven’t been doing park run … Continue reading

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It’s just over a week to go until Christmas and I cannot wait. I would say I’m currently at a 50% stage of my feeling Christmassy levels, so still a bit to go. I think one thing that is restricting … Continue reading

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Why I Run

**********WARNING CONTAINS CRINGE WORTHY AND CLICHED STATEMENTS ABOUT RUNNING BELOW******************* Over the past few weeks of marathon training I’ve had some really good training runs that have made me want to shout my love of running from the rooftops, but … Continue reading

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Marathon Training Update

I have been terrible with my blog recently and not posted a running related blog in over a month. I am now only four weeks a way from the London Marathon and I’m feeling good. I’ve now done three long … Continue reading

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Busy running or running busy

I’ve had a fairly busy couple of weeks recently. This time last year I definitely seemed less busy and I’m not exactly sure why. One thing that has been making training a bit harder is work. I’ve moved jobs since … Continue reading

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Runner’s High

Today I had a serious dose of runners high. I’m a massive believer of the fact that some days some runs feel good and other days they don’t. My first re-affiliated Chorlton Runners run this week did not feel good. … Continue reading

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