Bala Olympic triathlon training

There are now two months to go until the Bala Olympic triathlon and training so far is going well. Unlike previous big sporting challenges I haven’t been following a strict training plan but I have been running, swimming and cycling as regularly as possible.

I finished my third Chester half marathon back in May (finishing time 2 hours 4 mins) which wasn’t a PB but was a time I was pleased with considering the amount of training I had done. Going away on a two week long trip around the North West of America was probably not the best for my training plan, despite getting in a couple of runs whilst we were there.

This weekend I will also be cycling the 84 miles from Wrexham to Abersoch with my Dad which I’m really looking forward to. Dad has done the ride a couple of times before and I’ve always wanted to tick it off my to do list. I’ve enjoyed training for it and it has acted as great motivation to get my out on my road bike.

I’m still doing as many Parkruns as I can, although holidays and weekends away have meant I’ve missed a few. I’m currently on Parkrun number 30 and with 25 weeks left in the year so completing my 50 Parkruns in 2017  might have to be extended to early 2018.

A combination of the half marathon, the Abersoch ride and Parkrun’s has been keeping my cycling and running at a good level. However it does always feel like when I’m spending more time running or on the bike, like I am at the moment with the Abersoch ride, I worry about losing strength in the other disciplines. The problems of triathlon training!

Swimming has been one thing I’ve been focusing on as this is my weakest discipline. I’ve been trying to swim the 1.5 distance once a week and as of last weekend I have progressed to doing the distance in open water.

For my first open water swim we went to Boundary Water Park in Cheshire. I paid £112 for my Speedo wet suit from Newitts online which I’m really pleased with. The lake was perfect for open water swimming, costing £8, and the entrance to the lake is nice and sandy but the rest of the lake was fairly weedy.

When I first started swimming I couldn’t believe how dark it was underwater. Going from a sunny day above the water to a dark green lake underneath was quite disorientating between breaths. It took me about 10 minutes to get used to that sensation then I needed to get used to swimming through weeds which I did after a bit more swimming.

Prior to our trip to the water park I’d watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to sight and direct yourself in open water. This was also quite challenging as at one point I found myself completely off course, swimming in the wrong direction. I got better at this towards the end which I was pleased about, as I kept thinking if this happened in a triathlon event swim, it would waste a huge amount of essential energy. Overall I really enjoyed swimming in the open water.

Also as part of Bala training my boyfriend and I are going to the mid week Capernwray  Sprint Tri events which include an open water swim which look like really nice events.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Looking forward to watching Wimbledon and the Tour de France over the next couple of weeks
  • Went to Glastonbury again for the third time this year and it did not disappoint
  • Going to see Blink 182 in Manchester in a couple of weeks
  • Also turn 26 in a few weeks
  • Excited to jump in the sea after a long bike ride on Saturday


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