Return to training and a return to blogging

It’s four weeks since I signed up for Bala Olympic Distance Triathlon and three months since my last blog post. I find it easy writing blogs when I’m training for something. Feels like when I write down my plan and how my training’s going, it keeps me on track.

Signing up for events definitely kick starts my training efforts. Once I paid the £71 for the Bala Tri it made it real. I also then signed up for Chester half marathon (it was an expensive day) which I’ll be doing in May for the third time. My time in 2014 was 2 hrs 7 and 1hr 58 in 2015 which remains my half marathon PB. I will aim to run this half in under 1 hr 55, so need to start upping my mileage over the next month.

The Bala Triathlon is on the 3rd September so I have a good amount of time to train. My biggest concern at the moment is the 1.5km open water swim. Doing two sprint tris last year was great fun but my swim wasn’t that strong and it was in a pool which made it easier. Bala Tri swim is in the lake and almost three times as far. I’ve realised that when training for something you just have to do it as much as possible and swimming is no different. Since I signed up for the tri I’ve been aiming to swim the 1.5km distance twice a week.

I found it quite difficult to find a decent pool that wasn’t really busy. I was given a seven day pass to a Nuffield Health gym in the Printworks and that pool was really nice. Over looking the city and not busy, it was perfect but when my 7 days ran out I wasn’t willing to pay the £53 a month fee just to use a nice pool when I get my gym membership through work.

“There must be other pools to try” I thought to myself. Stew and I have been to Hough End a few times and it’s always busy there. We went to the Aquatics Centre in Manchester after work and that was pretty busy. However, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings the Aquatics Centre has 50m lane swimming in the 2 metre deep pool. I’ve been going before work on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past couple of weeks and I feel like it’s really helping with my training. The long and deep pool is better to simulate open water so when the open water swimming venues such as Salford Quays (ew) start in the Summer my swimming will be at a good standard.

I can now comfortably swim the 1.5km doing front crawl. It’s currently taking me about 40 mins. Just need to buy a wet suit and brave the open water swimming when it gets a bit warmer.

I’m still doing a bit of running. I’m working towards my 50 Parkruns t-shirt, I’m currently on number 37. I feel like I’m getting faster but I need to start upping my distance for the half marathon and for the triathlon. Going to try running double park runs this weekend so will see how I find that. Then I guess I could do three Parkruns as it gets closer to the half. Or I could just work out longer routes, I  still haven’t really discovered good running routes from the new house.

Definitely enjoying the training at the minute, feel like I’m starting to get into a routine. I will need to start cycling on my road bike at some point, I’ll start that in the summer.

Thoughts from this week:

  • So excited for Whistler ski trip in a couple of weeks, going to get my very own ski boots woo
  • Been planning other holidays for the year such as Amsterdam and Spain
  • Played squash for the first time in years the other week and I was aching from it
  • Can’t wait for the weather to improve
  • Went to a great wedding last weekend and have another one to look forward to in a few months


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