The past three months in one post

It’s been a few months since I last blogged which is bad even by my standards. There’s a few reasons why; we’ve moved house, work has been busy, my laptop is on it’s last legs etc. but it’s better late than never.

What really surprised me is that I didn’t even write about completing my fourth marathon. On the 2nd October Stew and I completed the Chester marathon and I did it in 4 hours 8 minutes, 14 minutes quicker than my previous marathon PB from London which I was so happy with. It makes me feel achieving a sub 4 hour marathon would be possible, as every time I’ve done a marathon I’ve knocked off at least 10 minutes (except Snowdonia). I really enjoyed Chester marathon and the conditions were perfect, if anything it was too warm even in October!

This was the first marathon I had ran wearing a Garmin which I think contributed to my PB. It’s easy to keep an eye on your pace and make a conscious effort to not let a PB time slip away. I also stayed with the 4 hour pacers until mile 13 which was nice. The pacers were a really nice group of people and the buzz of the other potential 4 hour marathon runners was great to keep me going. When we hit mile 13 I started to flag a bit and decided to leave the group, but I only finished 8 minutes behind them in the end. Unfortunately for Stew his first marathon was a painful one, enduring an injury at mile 20 left him hobbling for the finish line for the last 6 miles but he still did it about 45 minutes quicker than me.

This marathon was still as hard as all of the previous ones. When you know exactly what you’re in for, mentally it makes it harder. I’m determined to get a sub 4 hour marathon time at some point, whether that will happen in 2017 I’m not sure. I said I would have a year off marathons this year but didn’t so will have to wait and see what 2017 brings.

Over the past couple of months I’ve also been on a family holiday to Spain which was really nice. It was the perfect retreat after completing the marathon and great to spend time with the family.

After the marathon we also moved into our new house which was finally completed a couple of days before the marathon. We are now all set up and awaiting the arrival of our first Christmas tree this weekend. There are still a few finishing touches to do but we’re both really pleased with the house. It was tiring moving everything in and knocking the partition wall down between the kitchen and living room to make it open plan. We found it tiring moving into a brand new house so I can’t imagine how people feel when they move into a house which needs fixing up before they can live in it.

I will also be partaking in the Wilmslow 10k this weekend. This will be around the 7th 10k race I’ve done and I will be aiming to beat my PB time of 54 mins. I’ve done a fair bit of training and hope that the Chester marathon training will also help. It is a flat route so should be doable so fingers crossed it’ll get sub 54 mins.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I went skiing this week which made me very exciting to ski in Canada next year
  • After the 10k I think I will have a break from running for a while
  • Watched Allied last weekend which is a great film
  • Looking forward to the Christmas count down
  • I want to start doing more yoga in 2017

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