Wilderness Festival and training continued

A few weeks ago (4th August) my ski season pal and I headed to Oxfordshire for Wilderness Festival at Cornbury Park. The weather absolutely made the weekend and the surroundings of the festival were amazing. Walking around the site felt like you were on holiday and as we spent three house sat by the lake nursing our hangovers on Saturday it sure felt like that in the 25 degree heat. Some highlights of the weekend include Roy Ayers, the Valley, Bring your own bass at the Carousel venue, watching a nuts version of musical benches and swimming in the lake.

I had never felt so safe at a festival with to quote the security guys ‘such an affluent crowd’ so it definitely was a festival experience unlike a festival I’ve been to before. We managed to keep spending to a minimum by sneaking our beers in and munching in Aldi crisps for most of the weekend. Apart from an amazing bacon and (duck) egg sandwich on Sunday morning the food scene was a bit too affluent for my liking. The prices for food were really expensive and with no typical greasy chip van we all know and love at a festival we were left to deliberate which food stand would be the best value for money. We really didn’t want to spend £8 on a gourmet burger to discover it wasn’t that great, so we stuck to £3 portions of chips from different vans as we tried to discover who made the best chips.

I must’ve seen about four or five runners trotting around Wilderness festival but I didn’t take my running gear. Since then however, I have been continuing with my marathon training plan and I am now in my race simulation phase.

I have done 11, 12, 13 and 17 mile runs over the past month as well as a couple of 3 and 6 milers mid week. I have a 20 mile run planned for this weekend and that will be the further I will run before the marathon on the 2nd October. I feel like I should do a 15 mile run so will try and fit one of those in, maybe as part of the tapering process but once I’ve done that apart from a few shorter runs in the run up to the marathon that will pretty much be it. And I will have to wait for the day to arrive and see how I get on.

I’m feeling positive about the marathon. Reading Usain Bolt’s autobiography and watching the Olympics over the summer has helped to keep me motivated and helped me out of bed during the early mornings whilst thinking ‘this is what all of those Olympic athletes would’ve had to do but a millions times more effort so I can do this’. This will be the first marathon I will run with my Garmin watch so I’m keen to use it to keep an eye on my pace and aim for a marathon PB.

I also will be doing my second sprint triathlon a week on Sunday so fingers crossed for good weather. I will also be aiming for a PB for that. Although it’s still a sprint triathlon the distances change slightly, this time with a 400 m swim, 15 mile bike and 3.9 mile swim. I suppose a slightly shorter swim and a longer bike ride works in my favour but there is basically an extra mile at the end of the race so will see how I get on.

Thoughts from this week:

  • On my 17 mile run I started listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince audiobook – I swear by audiobooks to make long runs more exciting
  • Hoping that marathon training will also pair up as good triathlon training as well
  • Cannot wait to go on holiday two days after the marathon
  • Been having a bit of trouble with my knee, strengthening quad exercises seem to help
  • Desperately need to go swimming

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