Returning to running

Now that we’ve reached July I have started my three month marathon training plan for the Chester Marathon on the 2nd October. Although I never really stopped running, after the Snowdonia marathon last October I haven’t been doing park run or running with the Chorlton runners much at all. This was mainly due to triathlon training, holidays etc.

I did park run this morning for the first time in about six months and I felt like I chose the wettest one to make my return. I felt like a few people there were thinking ‘haven’t seen her around in ages’ (although they were probably just thinking about how wet they were rather than me) and it did make me feel a bit like shouting to everyone that I’d been triathlon training for a few months and not just sitting on my bum. Not that it would’ve mattered if that was what I was doing or if anyone would care about what I’ve been doing but I feel like sometimes returning to anything park run, club running, exercise in general can be daunting for some people.

Despite the rain I’m glad I went today as if I’d been waiting for a dry sunny morning to return I could’ve been waiting a while. I did four miles before park run to make up a 7.5 mile run but by the time I’d ran home to avoid hanging around in the rain it was 8 miles which I was pleased with as it’s the furthest I’ve ran in a long time. I used my secret weapon song of the moment to overtake three people during the last 400 meters of park run which felt great. Taylor Swift -You belong with me is the weapon and I don’t know why but it makes me run fast and those three people couldn’t beat me and Taylor this morning.

I’m enjoying the return to more running. This will be my first marathon at my new job so it will be interesting to see how I manage the training. I’ve got a 5k run and a couple of other runners to tick of my mid week lunch runs and I will try to go to a Tuesday night club run next time I can. As I generally feel busier than the last time I’ve trained for marathons, going home to run in the lovely countryside may be more difficult so I might try and work out some better runs around here for when I need to do longer ones maybe using bits of cycling routes I have or driving out to Tatton Park.

I’ve also bought a new pair of Mizuno Wave Enigma trainers, think I am now on my 5th pair and I really like the as they’re bright green with cool laces.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Felt very proud to be half Welsh through the Euros and enjoyed watching football for once
  • Went to see Stereophonics and Catfish and the bottlemen which were really good
  • Bought my first sofa this week as we start to buy furniture for the house
  • Wish the summer would be warmer
  • Fingers crossed for Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final tomorrow

20160703_141227_resized (1) IMG-20160707-WA0004  20160702_220025_resized IMG-20160706-WA0000_resized IMG-20160706-WA0009

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