Triathlon Training

For the past few month’s my sister and I have been training for our first sprint triathlon which takes place tomorrow in Nantwich. The distances are 500m swim, 12 mile bike and three mile run. I’m feeling quite prepared for it but it definitely feels like there’s more stuff to organise for race day, three times as much stuff as a running race in fact.

I’m looking forward to trying something new and the excitement of transitioning from one stage to the next. Of all of the stages the swim is what I’m most concerned about, not that I’m worried about it but I’ll be glad once it’s over. Once the swim is over I’ll be looking forward to the cycle and the run as we’ve trained for those stages a few times and done more than the distance required on race day.

Weatherwise we could be faced with a few showers throughout the day but as long as it’s not windy we should be fine. There’s been a couple of training sessions where my feet have got really cold when cycling in my SPDs and when it’s come to the run they’ve been numb which made the run feel really weird so hopefully it won’t be too cold tomorrow.

I haven’t got a time in mind that I’d like to complete the triathlon but I will be pushing myself so shall see how I will get on. One of the best things about training for the triathlon has definitely been training with my sister. I’m hoping she will enjoy the experience of an organised race as much as I do and really feel the buzz when she crosses the finish line. And hopefully she’ll still want to train with me this time tomorrow for future events.

Thoughts from this week:

  • My road bike and commuter bike need some maintenance
  • Going to Holland for the first time next week
  • Cycled in the train a lot this week
  • Horrendously far behind with Grey’s Anatomy
  • Climbed up Snowdon last week and it was awesome
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