It’s just over a week to go until Christmas and I cannot wait. I would say I’m currently at a 50% stage of my feeling Christmassy levels, so still a bit to go. I think one thing that is restricting my Christmasness is the fact we still have to work until the 23rd. It would be great if we could still finish on the 18th December like we used to at school or even earlier than that when we were at uni.

Unfortunately I haven’t decorated a Christmas tree this year which I’m quite upset about as it’s been a busy month but I’m sure as soon as I get home I will be feeling very Christmassy. A few things I’m really looking forward to over the next couple of weeks include spending some time with the family as it’s been a while, the amazing food my Mum will be preparing, being in a really Christmassy house, seeing school friends one who’s been living in LA and another lives in Aberdeen and just generally having a great time. I have a few Christmas presents left to get this week then it will just be the wrapping to take care of.

I’m also going to Warehouse Project this Friday to see Jungle which I’m looking forward although Warehouse Project doesn’t feel like a Christmas thing to do.

In other news I did the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k on the 15th November last minute as other people had dropped out because of the bad weather which I enjoyed. I also managed to knock four minutes off my PB coming in at 54:07 which I was pleased with. I’m now going to aim to complete a sub 50 10k in 2016.

I’ve also started leading at my local running club Chorlton Runners which has been fun. It’s also forced me to start going back to our Tuesday club night as I’ve been getting a bit lazy in attendance since Snowdonia Marathon. It’s been fun but I find pacing difficult sometimes. I’ve been using my boyfriend’s Garmin to pace the group and it’s a bit slow in reacting to a change in speed. Sometimes I’ll be leading a 9.00-9.20 minute mile group and it will jump from 10.30 minute mile pace to 7.50 minute miles so I feel I have some improving to do in this area. I’ve also had a couple of instances now where I feel the pressure of being a leader.

When I normally go for a run I’m the only one I have to please and think about but when I’m planning a route when I’m leading I try to think about keeping the route interesting and not taking a group somewhere where the pavements are really narrow. This has lead to me going to some areas I’m not so familiar with and a couple of times I’ve had to stop and check where I am which is frustrating enough when I’m on my own. When I have a group of runners looking at me to lead it’s even worse but luckily everyone in the groups I’ve led have been really nice and patient with me. I think my rule to stick to is keeping the routes simple. I’m sure people would rather run an averagely interesting route than get lost plus what I define as not interesting might be interesting to another runner.

I’ve also starting thinking about plans for 2016. I’m planning on a no marathon year for next year and will be kicking off with the St Helen’s sprint triathlon with my sister which I’m looking forward to. I will also add a sub 50 10k to the list and I also want to improve my half marathon time too. My current PB for a half is 1 hour 55 minutes so maybe I’ll aim for a 1 hour 45 min half marathon. I’m also wanting to move up to the 8-9 minute mile group in the running club. Basically all of my goals revolve around getting quicker which will require a new approach to training rather than long distance so will be interesting to see how that pans out.

For the next few weeks I will be focussing on my other favourite hobby, eating.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Merry Christmas to all blog readers
  • Watched Charli XCX documentary the F-word and Me which was really good
  • Excited to give my Christmas presents out this year
  • Looking forward to running around home country lanes over Christmas
  • I have sent Christmas cards out in the post for the first time

Abbeydask 20151206_164931 IMG-20151126-WA0001 IMG-20151213-WA0006 IMG-20151213-WA0009

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One Response to December

  1. Georgina says:

    Your running photo is amazing.
    You hob needs a scrub.
    That baby is gorgeous!!!!!

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