Two weeks until Snowdonia

I am now two weeks away from the Snowdonia Marathon on the 24th October. Exactly two weeks today it will all be over. I’m feeling fairly confident about it after a successful 17 mile run last weekend and once I’ve done my 20 mile run tomorrow I should be ready for it.

One concern I have is that I haven’t done as much hill training as I should have done. Saying that I was pleased with how I got on at the Macclesfield Half Marathon which I completed in 2 hours 4 mins and managed to run the whole way around even up the tough hills. I have also been up and down the only hills in Chorlton many times which should help, but I still don’t think they will be anywhere near as tough as the hills of Snowdonia.

When people have been asking me how my training is going I feel like it has gone well. This is the first marathon I haven’t had a proper printed training plan for but I have been aiming for about 4 runs a week, particularly during the last month of training. I always said that when I signed up for Snowdonia Marathon that it would be more about the experience than the time. My aim is to complete the marathon as quickly as possible and not worry too much about the time. My aim for London was to get a PB and I did and I think it’s important to remember what you’re aiming for.

Also as I trained hard for London Marathon and the London 100 Bike ride I feel like I’m a bit trained out, so haven’t worried as much about the training as previous events of the year. Saying that already having trained for one marathon and a 100 mile bike ride this year it meant that when I started training for Snowdonia Marathon I was pretty fit already which helped.

As my marathon training basically kicked off straight after the London 100 bike ride it’s meant that I won’t have much time to taper, I will only have one week. As far as long runs go I will have done a 13, a 17, a 20 and I will be doing 15 miles next weekend too which should be enough.

Now I’m just praying for good weather on the day, mainly for good weather conditions but also so that us runners can enjoy the beautiful scenery that we will be attempting to scale.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I got a Park Run PB today of 24 mins 50 secs which I am really pleased with
  • Going to listen to the new Disclosure album on my run tomorrow
  • Started watching Desperate Housewives from the start on Sky
  • The Walking Dead starts again this week
  • Marshalled Park Run a couple of weeks ago too which was fun

IMG_5381 IMG_5421 IMG_5426 IMG_5376

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