Snowdonia Marathon Training

With Snowdonia Marathon only six weeks away I definitely need to get my arse back into running gear, literally. Since completing the London 100 I started to think about the next challenge almost straightaway thinking I could have a couple of weeks off, but after downloading a ‘mountain marathon 12 week training plan’ I was already two weeks behind.

When I signed up for Snowdonia Marathon back around Christmas 2014 it seemed so far away and now as usual it’s come around quickly. From the start of this year I always said that London Marathon would be my running focus this year and then the bike ride and training took up a lot of my time as well. For Snowdonia I’ve said I just want to complete it and not worry too much about the time as I will be far away from getting a PB, plus this marathon will be more about enjoying a completely different marathon experience. However, I still need to make sure I train to get myself around and time is running out.

Looking at my ‘mountain marathon training plan’ I was set to run four times a week same as London training. But the sessions were split into interval training, hill reps, crossfit and some other stuff I wasn’t 100% sure about. This added with a busy summer, mainly of holidays, has made it really difficult to stick to this training plan and as a result I haven’t stuck to it at all.

That’s not to say I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve done about 10 or 12 runs over the past month or so and a couple of bike rides. My bike training lead me to a good level of fitness but it’s still really important for me to get the long runs in plus HILLS. When flying back from my last holiday on Saturday I sat with my phone on flight mode and went through my calendar and realised how few weeks there were until the marathon, so created my own training plan.

My new iPhone training plan includes morning hill sessions, a gym session, club run and a long run. I’ve scheduled which days on which week I’m going to do each session as I have to be really organised with my training or else I feel out of control.

To date the furthest run I’ve done for Snowdonia training is a flat 8 miler. I need to do a 11 mile run over the next few days before Macclesfield Half Marathon on the 27th October. I’ve ordered new Mizuno Wave Enigma’s so once they arrive nothing should hold me back! After Macclesfield Half I will have 3 weekends left where I’m going to do hilly 15, 18 and 20 routes then have one week for tapering.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Feels like the easiest time to train is definitely Spring- Summer/Autumn are too busy
  • Ordered Born to Run to get me into the running mood
  • It’s difficult to find hills in Manchester
  • Think a sprint triathlon will be next on the list
  • Ran 5 miles before work- kind of missed the early morning shift

IMG_5185 IMG_5188 IMG_5267 IMG_5114 IMG_5138

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