Glastonbury 2015

Glastonbury is over again for another year. With a kind reminder of how much fun was had in the form of a cold it really was another amazing week. We played a similar strategy to last year although I was with a whole new group of people. I drove us down on the Tuesday night and we arrived at Pilton Farm at around 5am. Last year the queue was a lot easier this year we had a ridiculous game of put your stuff down, get comfortable for five minutes then pick it up again and move 10 meters for literally about three hours before we were let in. Then the sun began to heat us up to about 100 degrees as we did the horrendous, dreaded walk of carrying all of your stuff to where you want to camp. Ikea bags are THE worst and should be banned from festivals. They should come with a health warning. They will shred your hands.

Once we found our spot on Pennard hill we of course forgot about all of our worries and hand/back pain of carrying all of our stuff almost instantly. I swear there is nothing more satisfying than putting a tent up and lying in it straight away, especially at Glastonbury. Camping is definitely one of the things I love most about festivals.

On the Wednesday night we went and sat beneath the Glastonbury sign and watched the sun set, then went to the Stone circle, then went for a wander around block 9 before getting a reasonably early night. Thursday was one of the nights I was looking forward to the most. After having an amazing time at Parklife a few weeks before I was super excited to see half of the best DJ’s from Parklife (Skream, Jack master, Eats Everything and Seth Troxler) going b2b for a four hour set. It was really good, sweaty and hot but good.

After recovering from the devastation of the Foo’s not playing, Friday night consisted of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Jungle, Circa Waves, Caribou and Hot Chip. Circa Waves were one of the highlights of the week for me for a few reasons. One I really like their songs, two it was pouring down when they played and they were in the dryness of John Peel, three I really like John Peel when it’s not rammed and the sound is really good and four the lead signer crowd surfed which I always appreciate. The other highlight of Friday night was Hot Chip. I didn’t see that many people on West Holts last year so it was good to see a headliner there this year. They played a really good set and as there was so many of them on stage they created such a good atmosphere. They finished with a Bruce Springsteen cover of Dancing in the Dark which was brilliant.

After Hot Chip we went to Shangri-La. We had to queue in a really big crowd for a while which was getting a bit hectic at times but we were only queuing for 10 minutes. Then we watched Radio 1’s essential mix with Andy C. After that finished we headed to the Temple in the Common which I had never been to before. It was an interesting place to be at 6am in broad daylight.

Saturday was the night we saw Kanye and I was really impressed with his performance. Some people have criticised the amount of technical faults that were happening as well as his whole performance in general but I thought it was really good. He put in a lot of effort and energy and the lighting effects that he used were really cool. Although he’s the ‘biggest rock star on the planet’ or whatever I think you have to respect someone who can single-handedly take on the Pyramid stage crowd.

Sunday night was kind of overshadowed with the dread of the drive home although the Chemical Brothers and Jamie T were still really good.

Comparing Glastonbury this year to last year I think the weather made a big difference. Last year we were able to sleep in until about 11am but this year as soon as it hit 8am it was too hot to sleep. But it lead to a different Glastonbury experience and my tan from the good weather lead people to think I’d had a week in the South of France which is always a bonus.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I learnt a lot about Jersey at Glastonbury and have a 1 pound note to prove it
  • Next time I go to a festival I am 100% taking a sensible hat to avoid a burnt parting
  • Going to see a contemporary ballet show tomorrow night with music by Jamie XX
  • Bought tickets for Wolf Alice to get over the Glasto blues
  • Foo Fighters reported to play Glastonbury 2016

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