Cancelled gigs and Glastonbury prep

The last week has been interesting. Aside from the emotional roller coaster of training for a big bike ride, cited in my previous blog, I have had to deal with some serious first world problems.

Very sadly my Mum, Dad and I were left very dissapointed last Friday as we had tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in Manchester but they cancelled due to illness. I was gutted. A couple of minutes after I had posted all over Facebook and Twitter that I was going to see Fleetwood Mac, a kind person on Twitter replied saying “IT’S BEEN CANCELLED LOL AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”. Not the best way to find out a gig you’d really been looking forward to had been cancelled. I couldn’t believe it, this had never happened to me before and worst of all we were just getting refunded, not even a rescheduled gig. I drove home that evening to go out for dinner with my parents only to get stuck in two hours worth of traffic.

Then when we went out for dinner, the dessert on the menu that looked absolutely ideal (iced chocolate and peanut parfait with banana and praline something) had sold out. Unbelievable. I let out the biggest sigh and think I had a very tragic look on my face as the waitress revealed that there was no more dessert, I then explained the Fleetwood Mac and traffic situation to make sure I didn’t look like the type of person who’s life revolved around dessert, although when banoffee pie or any kind of peanut dessert is on the menu it’s a different story.

So after this terrible Friday I had a nice weekend away in Abersoch with my school friend and was ready to face the week ahead. My sister text me to say that Dave Grohl had broken his leg at a gig in Sweden, how awful. But as Dave Grohl is the ultimate rock star he carried on and finished his show. What a legend. I began to get really excited about seeing them at Glastonbury and couldn’t believe Fleetwood Mac for cancelling when Dave Grohl can play a set with a broken leg, what wimps Fleetwood Mac were. Then I got another text, from my Mum. Foos cancelled UK tours including Glastonbury. First reaction: don’t cry.

Second reaction: what the eff. I was so annoyed, thinking why is this happening to me and generally being very dramatic. I couldn’t believe it though, why has this happened twice in a week? But as Foo Fighters are my all time favourite band in the world I had seen them a few weeks earlier at Old Trafford thank goodness or there would have been some real tears. Then I started to feel sorry for Dave Grohl who not only would probably be in pain from breaking his leg but also because I knew how difficult if must be for the Foo Fighters to cancel gigs. They are no fair weather band and would only be doing it if they really, really had to. After all we want to make sure Dave can come back fit and healthy for future gigs to come.

This then lead into a couple of hours of playing the whole who’s going to play Glastonbury again. Maybe it’ll be Coldplay or Taylor Swift they would be cool, but now Florence and the Machine have moved up to headliner but as we already knew they would be there it left me a bit disappointed. Obviously it will still be amazing and they will probably have to replace the Florence and Machine slot with someone interested so we will have to wait and see. Failing that there’s always Hot Chip who are on at the same time and could be cool, their new song is catchy.

Glastonbury preparation has officially began. I’ve began to gather my camping gear, done my food and alcohol shop. Just need to sort out my clothes then I’ll be good to go.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Glad I didn’t find out about the Foos cancelling Glastonbury via Twitter
  • I am determined not to take any clothes to Glastobury that I will not wear
  • Cannot wait to sit in my camping chair on Pennard Hill
  • Loved James Blunt’s response to the Foo Fighters cancelling
  • So excited for Glastonbury

IMG_4725 IMG_4733 IMG_4738 IMG_4690 IMG_4715 IMG_4716

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