Day before the marathon 

With one sleep to go before the marathon I am feeling ready. Final touches to my iPod, laying my clothes out, carbs cooking there’s not much left to do other than wait for the start.

I went to the Excel centre before to collect my chip and number and bought an official London Mararhon t-shirt and got a photo taken with my number. There were a few people making speeches about how to prepare but most people just said to do the same as you’ve done in your training, stick to what you know which is what I’ve been doing. I’m trying not to over think everything at the moment and just treating it as another training run.

The main thing I’m focussing on now is to enjoy tomorrow as much as possible. Don’t worry about the time too much I’m here for the experience. I’m hoping I’ll be able to sleep tonight, I’m going to try and not think about the race too much.

I’ve spread friends and family who will be supporting me between mile 13 and the finish as I think that’s when I’ll need them to most. Then have arranged to meet up with everyone at the end for a celebratory drink. Anyone who wants to track me my numbers below and you can download the London marathon app.

Can’t wait to get down to the start now. Ready as I’ll ever be!

Tomorrow, we run.


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