Why I Run


Over the past few weeks of marathon training I’ve had some really good training runs that have made me want to shout my love of running from the rooftops, but as people would think I’m crazy I thought it would be better to write it on my blog.

I will write a list below of the reasons why I love running but there are some points that I feel I need to explain further than a bullet point. These detailed reasons include:

The camaraderie

Having just returned from cheering runners on at the 25 mile mark of Manchester marathon one of the things I love about running is how everyone is in it together. It’s a unique team of hundreds or thousands of people and it’s different to a football, rugby or netball team because when you’re cheering your own football teammates on it’s because you want to win too but when you’re running and a complete stranger turns to you and cheers you to carry on their is no beneficial result for them to do that, other than good karma. Because every runner has been there in that moment when you’re feeling terrible and don’t want to carry on and something simple as a ‘keep going’ from a complete stranger can make all the difference. Even during my 20 mile training run near my parents house in the pouring ran a girl similar age to me was running in the other direction and we both waved at each other because we were both going through the same thing which made me feel like we were a team training together in the rain while everyone else is asleep. I’ve witnessed and experienced runners coming together through tough times in a number of races and saw loads of supportive pats on the back from other runners to people who were struggling towards the end. It sometimes makes me want to cry (how lame).

The sheer determination

I also love how running tests you mentally. I went to watching people battle it out at the 25 mile mark today and seeing their faces and how much effort they were putting in at the final push will give me strength when I’m in the same position this time next week. If these people can do it I can do it. And it doesn’t matter how fit you are, whether you’re trying to win a marathon or just finish it, everyone has some aspect of a mental battle they have to go through to carry on. Once you know you can push through that horrendous feeling it leaves you feeling like you can do anything you put your mind to.

Changes your mind

Since I started running about two years ago I think running has changed me a fair bit. I’m definitely a lot more productive and I now tend to think that I can do anything I put my mind to. I always used to think that was something parents just say to their children but now I generally believe it. I can remember when I started running I used to do this loop around my parents house and I always thought it felt pretty far and when I looked it up online the route was 5k. I remember thinking at that point that I’d never be able to run a 10k but I’d really like to. Once I signed up for my first 10k I started training and I did it. I put the time in to train and eventually moved up to a marathon. I still believe that anyone can run a marathon they just have to want to do it and that’s what I say to people when they say ‘I could never do a marathon’. I also now have a mindset of if I can do a marathon surely I can do that with loads of different stuff I come across which has made me do a lot more things I would probably too scared to do before. As I said when I signed up for Manchester Marathon, what’s the worst that could happen is still a phrase I use a lot.

Other reasons:

  1. Runners high is the best feeling in the world
  2. It’s nice to have a reason to get outside for fresh air
  3. Reduces stress levels
  4. You can listen to loads of music
  5. It’s an easy way to make a day really productive
  6. It gives you a sense of freedom, you can run wherever you like
  7. Downhill bits are amazing
  8. I enjoy the love hate relationship with running between bad runs and good runs
  9. The buzz before, during and after a race
  10. The sense of achievement
  11. It keeps you fit and healthy
  12. It impresses people
  13. You get to explore new areas
  14. You don’t have to rely on anything or anyone else to go running
  15. It allows you to eat more food

Running is the best

Thoughts from this week:

  • Glastonbury line up has been released and it looks good
  • The backspace key on my laptop is really dodgy which is frustrating
  • Less than £500 to raise for my marathon fundraising
  • I have definitely been telling people I’ve ran 600 training miles when I’ve actually done 400, which is what the plan recommends so it’s fine I just got confused
  • Need to work on my marathon playlist

IMG_4288 IMG_4285 IMG_4235 IMG_4281 IMG_4282

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3 Responses to Why I Run

  1. Ahhh I can identify with so much of this! I love it when you share a moment with another runner during the hard point of a run 🙂 Good luck with London!

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