Marathon Training Update

I have been terrible with my blog recently and not posted a running related blog in over a month. I am now only four weeks a way from the London Marathon and I’m feeling good. I’ve now done three long runs that go beyond the 13 mile half marathon mark and am now looking forward to tapering for a few weeks.

Today I completed the 20 mile training run which went well despite the weather being horrendous. When I set off at 8.30 this morning after a bucket full of porridge at 7am I thought to myself it might be raining but at least it’s not windy. Then the wind came and went throughout the run but most of the roads were pretty well sheltered which helped. Despite the wind and the rain though it wasn’t a cold day thank goodness or I think I would have really struggled.

The previous long 18 mile run I had done I was pleased with. Picking the right route definitely helps as for the 15 miler a couple of weeks earlier I had picked a horrible route and ended up having a hissy fit on my own half way around when I was saying out loud to no one that I didn’t want to do this anymore, but carried on anyway. I think one key thing I did for this run which made it easier was adding on a few miles at the very beginning of the route then going along for the majority of the route on roads I run frequently. So when I felt like I was half way around my normal route I was actually further because of the earlier miles I had done.

So the first long run I had done had not gone well. The route I picked was rubbish, it was really windy and I generally couldn’t be bothered. This had lead to me having splits from around 9.30 minute miles to 12 minute miles which was a decent run to walking which I found really frustrating as there was no way I would be doing this running walking business in the marathon. After that annoying 15 miler I was determined to work on my pace. So I worked out where the 3, 6 and 13 mile markers would be and checked the time as I reached these places to make sure I was doing a decent pace. Basically the key to getting the right pace for me was just going slower when I felt like I was getting tired.

After the successful 18 miler however, I came home with a really tight right calf and just thought it was the result of running so far so I massaged and stretched it to try to get it to calm down. The next morning I woke up to a bruised leg which didn’t look good. It didn’t hurt massively it was just a bit uncomfortable. I saw my Mum’s friend who’s a GP the day after the run and Mum made me show her my leg. Mum’s GP friend looked worried about it which made me panic slightly. Getting an injury during marathon training is what my nightmares are made of. So it took it easy for a couple of days and went swimming which I think helped. I also decided that I needed new trainers as I had been wearing mine since Christmas and felt like they could be causing me problems as I’d never had an injury like this one before.

It’s annoying because I felt like I’d only just got these trainers and having to fork out £60 just because your legs demand it is frustrating but I decided for the sake of £60 it would be worth saving me an injury. So I bought new trainers, exactly the same as my old ones but in a cool mint green. I was pleased that they looked different at least other people would know I had new trainers and they would be good to boost my motivation to go running in some new treds. I was a bit nervous about running 20 miles in a new pair of trainers without breaking them in first but as they were exactly the same as my old ones I thought in theory it should be fine and they were.

It was this part of my marathon training last time where I began to feel like I couldn’t be arsed to train anymore in the pouring rain but now that my final long run is over I feel great. I’ve had to move a few runs around to fit around work and a few other things but now that I only have short runs left to do I’m going to stick to the plan for the next few weeks. Looking at my pace on my long training runs, on routes that were relatively hilly and generally with bad weather I feel confident that I will get a PB on a hopefully dry day around the flat London Marathon route.

I’ve still got a way to go with my fundraising but I’m around the £600 mark out of £1,500 and with a couple of fundraisers in the pipeline I think I’ll manage to do it. I’ve also ran 364 training miles which is reassuring me that I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m going to do my best in London in a few weeks time.

Thoughts from this week:

  • My toes are sore after running
  • The Adidas running jacket my sister got my for Christmas is not waterproof
  • Going to see Charlie XCX this week
  • Need to start working on my music for the marathon, I’m going to adopt a lots of playlist option rather than a couple of really long ones
  • Going to start praying for a dry, still day for the 26th April in London

IMG_4099 IMG_4154

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