Runner’s High

Today I had a serious dose of runners high. I’m a massive believer of the fact that some days some runs feel good and other days they don’t. My first re-affiliated Chorlton Runners run this week did not feel good. The pace was a bit too fast, it was cold and snowy and I think I generally wasn’t in the mood for a 6 mile run.

Today’s run however did feel good and I think there are a few other things that have put me into runner’s high territory over the past few weeks. Firstly and most importantly my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Zack and now I am an Aunty for the first time, which is really amazing. Secondly I went to London this weekend and went to the London Marathon shop which was really cool. I’m twenty pages off finishing my book and I’m on top of all my washing. Finally this weekend was going to be the weekend I tested out my camel back which I was looking forward to. As I had a 10 mile run planned for today I felt that it justified taking water en route as it was an over 6 mile run.

I woke up around 8.30 at my parents house this morning to have breakfast and opened the curtains to a lovely blue sky sunny morning. I had a comfy outfit on and although I forgot my Yurbuds headphones I made do with my ipod headphones and headband combo. I filled up the camel back with around 500ml of water and headed out along the country lanes that me and my Dad sometimes cycle around. I haven’t ran around my parents house in ages and I was looking forward to trying out a new route and I knew the roads would be quiet if I headed out early which they were.

My pace felt good as I started out going through the industrial estate. Someone stopped to ask me for directions to a nearby village hall which I was sure where it was but sent then in the direction I thought it was. Turned out when I got home and told my Dad where they wanted to get to that I had sent them the wrong way, whoops. I passed a few cyclists on my way around, a couple of walkers and about three other runners. I stopped once for around 30 seconds to take some photos to keep my pace up.

There’s this one lane which I find difficult on the bike that is quite a long gentle slope lasting a couple of miles after the 6 mile point which I found tough. I checked my pace when I stopped to take some photos so I was keen to keep at that pace so pushed myself along this hill. It was really open and windy and I began to think that this is the part in a race where you really rely on a crowd to carry you and hearing a ‘keep going Francesca’ would go down a treat right about now. Suddenly I found myself cursing as three cyclists came from behind me out of nowhere and really made me jump. It was pretty funny though and I apologised to the cyclists for swearing at them. That did the trick though and managed to keep me going to the top of the hill, all for the reward of a well earnt camel back drink.

Once I crossed the finish line at 10.7 miles aka through the front gate to our drive I felt great and I then had roast duck to look cooked by my Mum for my Grandpas birthday which was amazing. An all-round great weekend, hooray!

Thoughts from this week:

  • Going to try out a yoga class tomorrow after a session at the gym
  • Can’t believe how quickly January has gone
  • Need to start putting fund raising plans into action
  • Monopoly Deal is such a good/addictive card game
  • Saw the first lambs that were born on the farm today

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