First week of London Marathon training

My first week of marathon training is coming to an end meaning my second week of training is about to begin. Before Christmas I remember thinking I can’t wait to start marathon training. I think I must have been thinking that when the weather was nice.

Saying that the weather this week hasn’t been too bad. I did 3 miles on the treadmill on Monday, meant to do 5 miles on Tuesday evening with running club but traffic made me late and unable to run so I went Wednesday morning before work instead when the wind was pretty bad. I like running before work as I feel that without going to the gym or going for a run I don’t mentally wake up until about 10am, plus you can feel super smug because you’ve been so productive before most people have even had their porridge.

I did another couple of miles during the week at lunchtime and then did 5 miles yesterday as well. I tested out my new running gear this week and I’m really pleased with my new running jacket that my sister got me for Christmas and I ran in my new Ron Hill bottoms yesterday which look great but are not as comfy as other running bottoms that I have and as one pair of my comfy running bottoms has a hole in them I’m thinking that I may need to invest in another pair. It’s annoying though because when you try a pair on they may feel comfortable but you don’t know until you start running how truly comfortable they will be.

I had planned on going to park run on Saturday as I had no excuse not to go. As my plan had 5 miles scheduled I was thinking I could run a couple of miles to Platt Fields, do parkrun then get a lift back but as I woke up at 7.30 on Saturday morning and heard the gales and rain through my window I thought I’d rather wait until it was at least daylight and go later.

The weather was pretty windy yesterday but not too cold. I tried to run to Salford Quays which I have done a number of times with the Chorlton Runners. I briefly looked up a route online before I went but I thought I’d be able to recognise the roads once I got there but it turns out I didn’t so I have to stop a few times to check my phone to work out where I was which was frustrating.

This week I have a few more miles to do than last week. I’ve got a 3 miler, two 5s and a 7 at the weekend. I’m planning to do 3 before work tomorrow, 5ish on Tuesday night hopefully with club runners, then maybe another 5 before work and the 7 at the weekend and this time I won’t get lost.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I’m tempted to try and draw out a route to run to that will make a shape when it comes up on Strava
  • Mud, sweat and tears Bear Grylls audio book is as good as Climbing Everest
  • Nearly finished the running book I’m reading
  • I’m now up to date with the Walking Dead and OMG
  • Have spent far too much time cleaning this weekend

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