Life after Christmas

Eight days after Christmas and two days after New Years Eve and it now feels like things are slowly getting back to normal. After seeing so many friends and family over the past couple of weeks it feels weird to think that we’ll have to organise to meet up whereas before it was more of a case of see you at the next event.

Although I am truly devastated that Christmas is over I’m quite looking forward to getting back to reality. I bought a new car today so I am now looking forward to driving to work on Monday and I’m also going bowling on Sunday which should be good as last time I went I had massively improved my bowling skills compared to last year.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is getting back into the routine of eating normal meals. Over the past couple of weeks I have eaten myself into a couple of food comas and eaten until it hurts a few times because there’s so much good food in the house and I have no self control. So it will be nice to get back to not feeling bloated 80% of the time.

I’m also quite looking forward to marathon training. I’m planning on printing out another ‘my Asics’ training plan next week to put on my wall and I’m also going to download another Bear Grylls audio book to listen to for the long weekend runs. I got a hand-me-down Camelback from my Dad’s friend who I run with a couple of months ago which I’m looking forward to testing out.

Since I have bought a new car, booked a couple of half marathons and bought a few other things already this month I’m glad I have marathon training to keep me occupied as I can’t afford to do much else at the moment. As well as my marathon training plan I also have a personal training session on Thursday which should be good and I’m also doing a dry month for January which should be interesting.

Here’s to 2015!

Thoughts from this week:

  • I so far have one marathon, three half-marathons and one 10k next year
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Revenge back on TV soon
  • I’ve been having Walking Dead withdrawal symptoms
  • Currently waiting for my sister to give birth, due date 9th January
  • Got loads of socks for Christmas which has really pleased me

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