It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Cheesiest blog title ever but it is true. We are in real advent calendar opening, Christmas songs on the radio territory and I’m loving it. I have been listening to Christmas songs all week and it is now scientifically prove that listening to Christmas songs at work makes the day go 25% faster. There’s just so many great things about this time of year. Christmas markets with mulled wine, Christmas lights everywhere, a little chocolate hidden behind a bit of cardboard to eat everyday, what’s not to love? And it only gets better from here on out.

I’m confident in saying that I’m already doing brilliantly at Christmas shopping. Online shopping has been my biggest tool recently with 60% of my presents bought already. Buying things this early means that you don’t have to worry about them arriving on the 3rd January. I started making notes on my phone a few weeks ago with ideas for presents for various people which has really helped.

With Christmas approaching I’m slowly beginning to prepare my body for copious amounts of food by slowly increasing the amount I’m eating everyday just so my body doesn’t go into shock on Christmas day. The next few weekends include two work Christmas parties, a few nights out and our flat Christmas weekend extravaganza which will be amazing. Nights out at this time of the year are always amazing because they play Christmas songs and end the night belting out a Mariah Carey classic. The Christmas playlist I keep on iTunes can be put back on my iPod for prime Christmas singalongs and may even make it onto my gym playlist.

It’s just generally the most wonderful time of the year. Yay Christmas!

Thought from this week:

  • So glad I put away some money last month or else I would probably have run out of money already
  • Slightly worried about the free bar Christmas works do this week
  • Excited to go see the new Hunger Games
  • Really liking George Ezra’s album
  • Chvrches have two great new songs out
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