Knead It Bread Making Course

Last Sunday me and my family headed down to Tiddington near Stratford-Upon-Avon to Jane and Craig’s bakery kitchen to make bread. I was excited to learn a bit more about making bread as I’ve not done it that much and it always seems quite complicated with the yeast and proving and things. Whenever they make bread on Great British Bake Off I always think it looks more like science than baking.

We arrived and were briefed on what our day would include which was making a basic white dough first of all which we would use to make a white loaf, bread rolls, a red bread loaf which has red onion, red Leicester cheese and chilli flakes in it and a pizza. We then would be making focaccia and then finally Chelsea buns later in the afternoon as well as a hell of a lot of tasting along the way.

On arrival we were greeted with coffees and a table full of treats. The cheese and spinach muffins Jane and Craig had made didn’t last long at all. Even though we had all had breakfast you would have thought that it’d been months since my family had seen food.

We started making our white dough which took a load of kneading which was good fun. Under the watchful eye of Craig we all produced some nice looking dough and let it prove. Once the dough was ready we made our white loaf and added the red bits to our red bread and then made the dough for the focaccia.

I couldn’t believe how good all of our bread looked! It definitely made me want to make bread at home but I feel that without Jane and Craig’s knowledge and guidance it would be a little bit trickier.

For lunch we had our pizzas that we made and cooked in the oven with a glass of red wine and then some more tasty treats that were on the table, brownies and flapjacks with salted peanuts which were brilliant. We even had a go on Craig’s electric drum kit after lunch which was in their living room and then got back to baking.

We all came away with so much bread my freezer couldn’t handle it all. After having a Chelsea bun everyday this week for work I thoroughly enjoyed showing off what I’d made and enjoyed eating it as well. It was such a brilliant day and Craig and Jane made us all feel right at home and it seemed like we spend most of the day laughing when we were’t trying to out dough each other.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Went to see Gone Girl and almost passed out in the cinema because of the blood
  • Going to see Twin Atlantic this week
  • Really need to buy new running shoes
  • Tried out my Aldi running jacket which is good
  • I am addicted to watching The Walking Dead

IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2835 IMG_2809 IMG_2810 IMG_2821 IMG_2822 IMG_2827 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2831

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