Running v cycling

Since getting a road bike for my birthday at the end of July I’ve now been out a few times on it and am beginning to see myself as a cyclist. After having a lesson on how to change a tire and also getting a padded unitard for my birthday I’m beginning to see what the life of a road biker is like. Having spent a part of the last year cursing people on bikes whizzing past me whenever I was on a run I always used to think they had it so easy and running was way harder but now that I’ve done a few miles on a bike there are tough bits for bikers too. Here are some other pros and cons to both sports.



  • You go faster, covering more miles so it’s usually more scenic
  • Wearing cool padded shorts and fancy shoes makes you look like a pro
  • It’s easier to chat with people on a bike than when you’re running
  • You can carry water/money/phones without it being annoying
  • It’s generally less knackering, apart from when a hill pops up and your legs start to burn like crazy


  • Having to watch out for cars/bad drivers
  • If you’re going fast its easy to get lost by missing junctions etc
  • You have to wear a helmet aka hat hair!
  • Sore bum
  • It’s colder when you’re on a bike because of the windchill whereas you’re always hot and sweaty when running



  • It’s cheaper for the equipment
  • You don’t have to know how to fix a puncture when you’re running
  • Running sounds more hardcore, running 26 miles sounds harder than cycling 100 miles
  • You can listen to music without being worried about getting knocked off your bike
  • I feel that the running community is more friendly, e.g. watching the coverage of The Great North Run or London Marathon runners are always really happy


  • It’s harder to breath when you’re running
  • You get way more sweaty and red faced
  • More blisters/lost toenails than cycling
  • Having to battle busy pavements
  • Probably more likely to get injured from running

There are lots of similar traits between the two sports and I’m definitely enjoying the difference between cycling and running. It’s nice being able to chat without being out of breath on a bike and going fast is pretty fun, but my love for running with a great playlist on for a couple of hours is far from being gone. Maybe when I do the duathlon in a few weeks I will find out which one I truly love the most.

Thoughts from this week:

  • So excited for the return of Strictly Come Dancing
  • Finally did a massive clean of my room this weekend
  • Managed to get burnt from sitting on the roof in September
  • Almost cried at watching the Great North Run coverage, so inspiring
  • Finished J.K. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy- I would say it’s average

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