Getting over Glasto blues

It’s been a solid couple of weeks since returning from Glastonbury, which means I have now been complaining about not being at Glastonbury for about two weeks. With my muddy wellies still in a carrier bag in my room beside my granny shopping trolly wheely thing still with my sleeping bag and roll mat, it’s been tough to get over Glastonbury in more ways than one. Anyone that I’ve spoken to since going to the festival will definitely heard me talk about it and anyone who I’ve seen who also went to Glastonbury I will definitely of had at least a 20 minute longer conversation about how great it is.

The withdrawal symptoms from not drinking beer everyday and sleeping in a tent with your friends has lead me to searching Glastonbury on Twitter at least once a day and also searching Youtube for new videos. This is not a healthy way to live especially when trying to work and function as a normal human being again. Getting back into reality and having to think about things like food shopping has taken my up till now to get my head around.

One fix that I have found for getting over my Glastonbury blues has been by purchasing a Leeds festival tickets which I’m so excited about. As soon as I came back from Glastonbury the Leeds festival line up has looked more and more appealing everyday. Not only is it a change to go back to another festival field, there’s loads of acts playing there who weren’t at Glastonbury like AlunaGeorge and the Arctic Monkeys.

This will be my third time going to Leeds Fest, first year was in 2009 and then again in 2011. I have a feeling that I will feel a lot older than I did at Glastonbury as I think most people who go to Leeds are underage. It’s a great festival though which I’ve always enjoyed and it’s not too far away from Manchester which is very handy, plus it means I won’t have to put my festival camping stuff away just yet as I will be needing it again.
I will particularly be looking forward to seeing Chvrches as we only caught half of their set at Glastonbury. I also missed seeing Wilkinson at Glastonbury as we watched Kasabian instead so will look forward to watching him. Other acts that I’m looking forward to include: Blink 182, Paramore (who apparently are higher than Queens of the Stone Age on the line up), Jimmy Eat World, Enter Shikari (for old times sake), Deaf Havana, Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg (who I missed twice at Glasto), The Kooks, Twin Atlantic, Don Broco, Royal Blood, The Sunshine Underground and We Are Scientists.

I’m looking forward to seeing Arctic Monkeys as their new album has been amazing and last time I saw the at Leeds Festival they were all off their faces on drugs and didn’t perform very well but after watching them at Glastonbury last year I hoping they will do better this year.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Need to watch more BBC Glastonbury videos before they disappear
  • Been down to London this week which is always fun
  • The novelty of travelling first class on a train still hasn’t worn off
  • Think I may class this summer as one of the best
  • Festivals are one of the best things in the world

Photos from my first Leeds Festival:

1936998_253970060084_85888_n 1936998_253970075084_2262862_n 1936998_253970100084_5136142_n 1936998_253970110084_3476643_n 1936998_253970125084_5237543_n 1936998_253970165084_6077953_n


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