10ks, duathlons and London Marathon

I have just returned from running the We love Manchester 10km this morning at the Etihad Stadium where I finally managed to do a 10k in under an hour. The last 10k I did was the Tatton Park Yule Yomp which I did in around 1 hour 2 mins but today I managed to knock four whole minutes of my previous PB and made it around in 58 minutes which I was really pleased with.

I enjoy doing 10ks as I feel like you have time to get into a good rhythm and hold a nice pace all the way around unlike a 5k which makes you feel like you have to go quite hard and fast from the start. The We love Manchester 10k was the fourth 10k race I had done. It was well organised and started and finished in the Manchester athletics track which was quite cool. The route wasn’t particularly inspiring as it was on roads around north Manchester but it was nice a flat for gaining a new PB.

They had a one hour mark pacer for the first time this year who I stuck with the whole way around. I was surprised that more people didn’t use the pacer as it felt like I was the only one who stuck closely to him the whole way around. I was deliberating as we went around when I should try and push on and leave the pacer behind me. The one hour pace felt comfortable but I didn’t want to push too hard too early and then see the one hour marker pass me just like the 4 hour and 4 hour 30 pacers did with their crowds behind them in the Manchester Marathon. As it was quite a warm, muggy day I decided to stay with the pacer until 9km when he encouraged me to push on and I thanked him then attempted to shuffle a bit faster towards the finish line.

At the finish line we got given a goody bag with a medal, bottle of water and a cotton we love Manchester t-shirt. I was quite disappointed there was no food in the goody bag as at other 10ks I’ve had bags with bananas, Haribo, milkshakes, biscuits and even a loaf of bread in it once so I quickly had to buy a double decker from a cafe inside the squash centre where we stored our bags.

Overall it was a great 10k and I was really pleased with my time and it even stopped raining just in time for the race. My next challenge will be the Chester 5k Race for Life next weekend with my Mum, sister and lots of other people who are raising money for a family friend which should be good fun.

The next challenge after next weekend will be the Oulton Park Duathlon in October which I have entered with my Dad who is a keen cyclist. My birthday is in two weeks time and my parents have bought me a second hand road bike, including cycling clip in shoes, which I will be using to tackle the 40k bike ride around the Oulton Park race track after doing an 8k run. I’m really looking forward to getting out on my bike again. I did a 25 mile bike ride last weekend which I really enjoyed and even managed to clip in and out of the pedals without falling over. I’m thinking of joining a Chorlton or Manchester cycling club to help with my training as I don’t know many good cycling routes around Manchester and I think it will help me to get more out of my bike so it doesn’t end up sitting in the garage.

I also have gained a space at the London Marathon with the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. So I will be doing marathon training after Christmas to take on the 26.2 miles again which I’m really excited about.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I feel like I am obsessed with peanut butter
  • Can’t wait to go to France in a couple of weeks
  • Plan to spend the rest of this Sunday watching Glastonbury highlights
  • Hoping to win £40 with Argentina in the work sweepstakes this evening
  • Eminem is now on my list of people I want to see live

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