Glastonbury 2014

This time last week I was watching Kasabian at Worthy Farm. I went to Glastonbury for the first time last weekend and it was beyond amazing. My room is still centered around my granny trolley I used to carry my stuff, my mud covered wellies and camping rucksack I am yet to deal with.

On the way down to Glastonbury last Tuesday night I kept thinking I can’t believe I’m on my way to Glastonbury and even when the acts on stage were saying ‘thank you Glastonbury’ I still couldn’t believe I was there.

I’d done my fair share of festivals before so I knew how the camping, no showering, horrible toilet scenario went. All of these things at Glastonbury were fine. We had a great spot on Pennard Hill which made it really easy to find out tent and I used plenty of wipes to combat the not showering. The toilets were what you’d expect. You’d open the toilet with a massive poo on the toilet seat, another one with mud all over it and then you’d find one that was half alright. They smelt pretty bad and it was annoying when it rained because you were peeing in the rain but apart from that they were fine.

People keep asking who the highlight for me was and at the moment I’m saying Dolly Parton as she was awesome but I think the real highlight was the whole experience. Walking around Arcadia with the giant spider DJ booth suspended in the air with fire coming out of the top to the theatre and circus areas where there are crazy actors running around, everything had been designed and thought through so amazingly. The amount of effort that had been put into every corner of the festival was unbelievable. Every stage was like a work of art in itself.

Other notable things that I particularly enjoyed about Glastonbury include the Glastonbury Free Press newspaper they printed at the festival which had articles on what was going on that particular day and interview with different people, the Chilly Banana food stall which sold frozen bananas on ice lolly sticks covered in chocolate, the people who were dressed head to toe in red and chased anything they saw that coloured red (including my friend when she wore a red skirt) and going up the ribbon tower at 7am when there was no queue to see the view of the whole site.

Musical highlights for me included The Subways, Haim, Chvrches, Twin Atlantic, Kasabian, Annie Mac, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Band of Skulls, Disclosure, Kodaline, White Lies. I could honestly write about Glastonbury for hours but I think I’d better not. Warning another blog entry about Glastonbury may follow to combat my Glastonbury blues.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Glastonbury makes you tired
  • I forgot how many good songs Kasabian have done
  • Glad that Djokovic won Wimbledon
  • Really want to go to Leeds Festival
  • Cycled 25 miles today, I reckon I will be aching tomorrow

Thanks for the photos Tilly I will develop my camera tomorrow

glasto glasto 1 glasto 2 glasto 3 glasto 4 glasto 5

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