Chester Half Marathon

Chester half marathon was my second half marathon and I completed it in 2 hours 7 mins which is 12 minutes faster than the Oulton Park half marathon I did in February. I was really pleased with my time seeing as I felt like I hadn’t done enough training for it and the conditions were really warm on race day.

I signed up for the Chester half the day before I did the Manchester Marathon as I felt that I needed to sign up for something before I become lazy after doing the marathon. I tried to sign up for a new my Asics training plan online but when I put in 18th May as the day of the half marathon it said they don’t recommend that I should do a half marathon so soon after doing a marathon which also made me a bit weary about improving on my PB.

As I’ve grown up around Chester I was keen to see where the course would run, but it tended to go through the north area of Chester around Blacon which I didn’t know so well so I pretty much didn’t know where I was going. It had quite good support from the crowds with a few busy areas through the villages. At around the 9 mile mark the route went though more of a countryside area which was nice and scenic, although we did pass about four dairy farms which smelt quite bad especially when you’re breathing heavily and inhaling cow poo fumes.

The race started at the racecourse which was nice and it finished right in the middle of Chester by the Cathedral. It had a finish line which was about 200 meters after a corner which was good as it didn’t feel like you were chasing the finish line for ages. The race was also really well organised and had a great goody bag with a medal and a running t-shirt, although the t-shirt isn’t that nice to run in. Definitely beats the Oulton Park half marathon in goody bag prizes as there was no medal and no t-shirt at that event.

Since the Chester Half Marathon I have been a bit slack on the running front. My Dad is doing the Big 5 half marathon on Saturday which is through a nature reserve in South Africa so went for a 10 mile Father’s day run with him today, but I have missed running with Chorlton Runners for the past two weeks so going out today felt good.

I feel like I need to sign up for something to keep me motivated over summer. I’m planning on doing the Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon in October which is an 8km run then a 40km bike ride and a 1km run to finish but as that’s in October it’s not pushing me to keep running.

In the mean time I’m going to sign up to do the Manchester Colour Run and the We Love Manchester 10k and I’m also doing a 5k race for life in July. I’m hoping to do the We Love Manchester 10k in under an hour so that should keep me motivated to keep running until then.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I now understand why marathons are in the spring, running in the summer is hard
  • Watched Philomena recently which is a brilliant film
  • Started to read The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling
  • Someone left a cockerel down our lane which we have now adopted, his name is Henry
  • Officially had the worst luck at the races, bet on six races didn’t win anything

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