Life after the marathon

It’s now 16 days since I ran the Manchester Marathon. I have ran three times since then, one park run, a five mile run and a six mile run last night with the Chorlton Runners. After three months of marathon training and scheduled runs four times a week, it’s strange not having to think about running as much.

I am beginning to feel like I’m not doing any exercise at all although I am still doing a bit of running. I’m also slightly paranoid that my pre-marathon diet of eating whatever I want, knowing that I will burn it off at some point, is continuing whilst I’m not actually burning that many calories off anymore. Saying that I have signed up for the Chester half-marathon in May so I do have a new training plan that I need to print out and restick to my wall.

The annoying thing about having already done a half-marathon is that I now have a time to beat instead of just getting around the 13 miles. My time around the Oulton park half marathon was 2 hours 19 mins and I feel like I should be able to shave a few minutes off this time in a few weeks time.

I signed up for the half marathon the day before the marathon. I read in Runner’s World that during the tapering off stages signing up for another race or challenge can help to take your mind off the marathon and give you something else to think about if you don’t quite achieve your goals in the marathon. Also I felt that if I waited until after the marathon I might not feel like signing up for another race for a while.

I set up another training plan on the Asics website as I found it really useful and easy to use when I was training for the marathon. However, when I put all the details in for my half marathon it wouldn’t let me put the race day in for the 18th May as they didn’t recommended that I should do a half marathon until 6th June. So I’m just doing a training plan to the 6th June at the moment and cutting a few of the early weeks out.

As well as following my Asics training plan I’m going to include my run with Chorlton Runners every Tuesday in the 9-10 minute mile group. Also I’m aiming to do as many 5k park runs on Saturday mornings as I can between now and then as I think it will help me work on a quicker pace.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I think not drinking much for three months has ruined my ability to drink
  • Loved watching the London Marathon on the TV this year
  • 5k is further than you think
  • Watched Captain Phillips this week which was really good
  • Need to update my ipod ASAP

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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