Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Watching the opening ceremony on Friday night made me realise that the 22nd winter Olympics were going to be a game changer. The political aspect is obviously something that has had people talking about for a while. Channel 4 did a really good advert for promoting the games with a guy in speedos dancing with showgirls with rainbow coloured mountains in the background which I saw the other day, with a tag line about how Channel 4 like to take risks.

Aside from the politics the introduction of the 12 new sports is something to be really excited about, especially the skiing and snowboarding slope style. The snowboarding slope style took place this weekend and was absolutely amazing to watch. We had three British competitors in the men’s and women’s final and, in case you’ve been under a rock all day and don’t know already, Jenny Jones took the Bronze medal today which is our first medal this year and our first medal won on snow.

Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls both put in brilliant efforts yesterday in the men’s slope style but Jamie missed out on a medal. Watching the finals over the weekend has been brilliant. The finals saw your typical Norwegians, Americans, Finnish, Swedish and Canadians snowboarders competing for Olympic glory, but I think it’s amazing that we managed to have three boarders in the final.

When you compare out facilities to those found in the Alps or the Rockies it’s amazing that we can get to the same standard as people who are literally born on the mountains. You can tell that Jamie, Billy and Jenny are all so happy that slope style snowboarding is now an Olympic sport and is being recognised.

The commentary throughout the events was also amazing to listen to and the BBC coverage in general of the games has so far been brilliant. My highlights include when Billy Morgan said fuck in his live interview on BBC Two at 10am on a Saturday and during the opening ceremony when Clare Balding tried to speak to a Russian volunteer wearing one of the Sochi ski jackets and he looked at her and walked off on live television.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I can’t wait to go skiing
  • Been running with a cold this week which has not been fun
  • Watched World War Z last night which was pretty good
  • Had to write directions on my hand for my run to stop me getting lost
  • Half marathon in two weeks!

017 035 marathon meme 030

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