Pros and cons of training for a marathon

I’m now nearly a month into my training for the marathon which is a third of the way through. After going with the Chorlton Runners this evening, and eating the most free sandwiches and chips I’ve ever eaten, I’m feeling pretty tired after it all. Crazily I’ve run 81 miles over the past 28 days.

I feel that my training is going well and I managed 10 miles a couple of weekends ago quite easily but as I’m going out this weekend I feel that my next 10 mile run may be more difficult with a hangover. Here are my pros and cons of training for a marathon:


  • Feeling healthy
  • Lose weight and still get to eat normally
  • Meet new people through running clubs
  • Listening to loads of music whilst running
  • Seeing lots of your local area
  • Makes you feel really productive
  • Get to listen to audio books
  • It impresses people
  • Great conversation starter
  • Can be a great way to raise money for charity
  • Great achievement to accomplish once you finish the marathon
  • Saving money because all you’re doing is running
  • Makes you feel like a badass


  • Black toe nails
  • Shins splints
  • The haters
  • Spending money on stupid things like entering races
  • Time consuming
  • Having to do washing all the time because your running clothes stink
  • Being forced to go running in the rain and wind
  • Makes you tired
  • Washing your hair loads because you’re always sweaty
  • Getting up early to go running
  • Arranging your weekends around running
  • Getting lost whilst running

Training summary:

Money raised: £190          15/64 runs           81/374 miles         9 weeks to go

Thoughts from this week:

  • Been listening to lots of old school R&B and Hip Hop whilst running
  • The Bear Grylls Climbing Everest audio book is really good
  • Watched Goodfellas this weekend for a second time
  • Been working hard this week
  • Did my first stop motion video this week

badass photo (1) photo (2)

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One Response to Pros and cons of training for a marathon

  1. Laura says:

    Great list – and love those quotes!

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