Marathon training

I’m now three weeks into training for the Manchester Marathon. Today I ran 10 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is the furthest I have ever run. The past three weeks have involved me running four times a week made up of one three mile run, two five mile runs and a longer run on Sunday.

I’ve been running with the Chorlton runners on a Tuesday night which takes care of one of my five mile runs, as well as one of my meals for a week with free chips and sandwiches afterwards. The three mile run I aim to do before work either on a Monday or a Wednesday and the other five mile run I do before work on a Friday. Luckily I start work at 9.30 and it only takes me 10 minutes to drive to work so I’m able to get quite a lot done in the mornings. The thought of having to run after work without free food at the end of it is too hard for me to do.

My marathon training plan is off the Asics website and I’ve found it really useful. They have a ‘my Asics’ page which links up to the app you can download which works as a tracker when you go running. The website also tallys how many miles you’ve done throughout your training and compares you to other people training for a marathon. The page has three gauges at the bottom showing how you’ve been performing in planned activity, planned total distance and planned pace average. Mine all currently say ‘perfect’ as I’ve been sticking to my training plan pretty accurately.

I was quite nervous about today’s run as it felt like it would be quite a jump between running 7.5 to 10 miles. I ate a load of pasta last night and made sure I had a load of sleep which I feel like helped today. I woke up at 10am and felt like I was in the mood for a run. The Chorlton runners go running on a Sunday morning at 9am but the past couple of weekends I’ve felt like I needed more of a lie in. As I go with them on a Tuesday night I don’t listen to my music as we talk on our way around and one of the reasons why I like running is so that I can listen to my music, which is another reason I went on my own today. It took me 2 hours 15 minutes to do 10 miles.

One massive pro of going with the Chorlton runners is that they know loads of good routes in the area. Today I got lost quite a few times, meaning I had to stop and get the map out of my phone to try and work out where the fudge I was. Going with people who know the area means you know you’re doing the right distance you planned and you don’t end up four inches deep in mud along the River Mersey which slows you down. Although is good for planning a route, it doesn’t show you where the boggy bits are.

Training summary:

Money raised: £190          10/64 runs           57/374 miles         11 weeks to go

To make a donation please visit my page:

Thoughts from this week:

  • Really excited for the Winter Olympics
  • Watched American Hustle on Wednesday which was great
  • Present Day Clueless on Twitter is the best thing I’ve followed in a while
  • January has gone really quickly
  • Pros and cons of training for a marathon coming soon

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6 Responses to Marathon training

  1. Laura says:

    Great job on your training so far – and I love that calendar! I’m training for an ultra, and sometimes even a six mike run is tough! It just depends on the run the day before and how I’m feeling!

  2. Geo says:

    You need to get sports socks!!

  3. rhimoxon says:

    I know I’m an utter creep and you wrote this YEARS ago but I am finally only just getting round to doing a half marathon and it seems like a massive deal so your blogposts are providing me with some encouragement! Thanks Chess! 😀

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