Reactions to the marathon

I’m now eight days into my marathon training. Since signing up for the marathon a few weeks ago I’ve told a number of different people and I’ve had a range of reactions. The first person I originally discussed doing a marathon with was my Mum, when I told her that I wanted to do a marathon before I turned 25. The next time I discussed the word ‘marathon’ was when I did the Flintshire 10k and my Dad’s marathon-crazed friend came with us and suggested that I do a marathon this year, which I laughed off.

The same friend came around a couple of weeks ago. His convincing speech combined with my left over YOLO attitude from my ski season lead me to the sign up page of the Manchester Marathon. Once I signed up for it I first told my family. My sister said she was proud of me for even signing up. After discussing my original worries with her she suggested that I could do what one of her friends did and not tell anyone that she was doing a marathon. Thinking about doing this I thought it would make it too easy for me to duck out halfway through the training, thinking no one will ever know.

So I posted on Facebook that I was doing the marathon, along with R U Crazy video from Conor Maynard, which meant no turning back. I was also thinking of not doing the race for charity, as we’ve done quite a few charity events within the family over the past few years, but when I told family and friends that I was doing a marathon a lot of them wanted to make a donation so I am now doing the marathon for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

I would say that 95% of the reactions from me doing the marathon have been really positive. The other 5% is made up of one colleague who thought it was hilarious that I was attempting the marathon and a few people from my running club who thought I was crazy for running a half marathon at the end of February (I decided to miss out the part about me doing a full marathon judging from their half marathon reaction).

Now that I’ve posted the marathon on Facebook and I’ve already been sponsored £180, there is no turning back.

Training summary:

Money raised: £180           4/63 runs        20/362 miles      12 weeks to go

Thoughts from this week:

  • Really want to watch the American Hustle
  • Getting ready for the return of Grey’s Anatomy tonight
  • Feel like I can eat what I want now that I’m running four times a week
  • Starting to really like Amy Adams
  • Love that Gravity is nominated for so many BAFTAs


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