Tatton Yule Yomp 2013

Last Sunday I did my third 10k race. The Tatton Yule Yomp had around 1000 entries and I felt quite confident about doing this one as I did the Tatton Park Race for Life back in September. However, when I received my information in the post I realised it was a slightly different route as it started on the heath in Knutsford as apposed to in the park like Race for Life did.

This race gave us numbers which had chips on them which I pinned on in a rush about two minutes before the race began. I did this race on my own so my Mum came for moral support/in case I passed out half way around. I sometimes feel like I could go on my own but I think crossing the finishing line and having no one there would be pretty miserable.

So once we managed to park on the heath and work out where the start was we only had about 15 minutes until the race started. After queuing to go to the toilet for about 10 minutes it was 10am and time to start the race. We didn’t do a staggered start or split into groups so we all just crossed the starting line and heard out chips register as we ran over the ramp.

I had been doing a fair bit of practice in the gym on the treadmill to work out what pace I needed to do to complete 10k in under an hour and it’s closer to a run than a jog. I had a watch on so hit 2k about 12 minutes in and I reached 5k in 3o minutes. I knew it was going to be close at that point.

The trouble with there being around 1000 people doing the race was that the track was pretty muddy. I didn’t have trail trainers so found it really slippy in some parts which slowed me down a bit, but I don’t think I did enough training for this race as I’ve ran about three times in the past month.

I enjoyed the race and got a goody bag with a loaf of bread in it from Robert’s bakery which was good. We were told, however, that the goody bag contained more calories inside it than what we’ve just ran off.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Finally watched The Bling Ring
  • I really need to buy another tshirt to run in
  • Been listening to AlunaGeorge Body Music
  • Put up my first fake Christmas tree in work yesterday
  • Can’t wait to go on a night out and dance to Christmas music

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