Chorlton Runners

After living in Chorlton for a week, I now know how to drive the three miles back and to from work. As far as my other local knowledge goes, it is beyond limited. I don’t really know how to get to anywhere or know any of the roads which is making it tricky to find a running route.

The Tatton Park Yule Yomp 10k is coming up this Sunday and I hadn’t been running for over two weeks, I was beginning to stress about improving my PB from the Flintshire 10k. I googled running clubs in Chorlton and found the Chorlton Runners.

I’d seen the ‘Chorlton Runners’ last Tuesday when I was moving in and didn’t realise how many of them there were until I walked into the rammed Bowling Green pub. There were probably around 150 people in there. The whole room was glowing with yellow fluorescent Lycra.

Once I had admired how many highlighter coloured tops there were in one room, the running leaders announced which groups they would be leading. The groups ranged from ‘eco walkers’ to a range of minute per mile groups.

I was trying to take note of the route we were running so I could maybe do it myself but I failed. En route around the 6 miles loop I found out that there was free food at the pub after we’d finished. As the running club is free to take part in as well I couldn’t believe that the food, sandwiches and chips to be precise, was literally free.

Apart from the free food everyone seemed really nice and it was good running in a group to keep you motivated. Definitely going back next Tuesday.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Having to spend your own money on food is rubbish
  • Really want to go see Carrie
  • Made a very successful omelette this evening
  • Going to see Placebo in Manchester a week on Saturday
  • Need to start Christmas shopping ASAP


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