No more commuting

Since my last blog entry I have now found somewhere to live and I will be moving out of my parents house for a third time in a couple of weeks. After viewing two places I decided enough was enough and asked to move into the flat that I had viewed five minutes earlier.

There are so many reasons why I can’t wait to move in, see commuters problems blog entry below. Not having to wake up 6.30 every morning will definitely be at the top of the list but I’m really excited to move to Manchester.

Ever since visiting my sister at Salford University five years ago I’ve always loved Manchester. When I was rejected from Salford University my love grew stronger with the hole treat em mean technique Manchester was using. Luckily one of my best friends got into Man Met and my sister still lived in Manchester and I was able to keep my love affair going for a bit longer.

Once I finished university in Leeds, another city I love dearly, and headed out to Zermatt Manchester felt like worlds away. When I landed my internship in Manchester I saw a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with the city. After six months of seeing Chester and Manchester, I’m now committing to Manchester.

The move couldn’t come at a better time as well. With loads of people from Zermatt heading out to do another ski season I’m beginning to miss living with people my own age. Although I do love living at home and going out in Chester, the occasional Friday nights spent watching Graham Norton alone while my Mum, Dad and dog are passed out on the sofa are something that I won’t miss.

Having all of my food bought for me, meals cooked and clothes washed and ironed however, are somethings that I am going to miss.

Thoughts from this week:

  • There are so many films I want to watch at the moment
  • Night out in Chester tomorrow night
  • Saw the Coca-Cola advert for the first time yesterday
  • Currently training for another 10k
  • Think I will have to see Gravity at the weekend
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