Commuters problems

Having not been a student for what now feels like forever, I have to deal with things like driving to work and not sleeping 200 hours a week. Working in Manchester and still living at homes leaves with a 60 mile gap between where I’m living and where I’m working.

I’ve been commuting to work for six months now and it’s not been so bad. Now that the weather is turning autumnal and it getting darker a lot earlier the drive is becoming a right blag. Starting at 9.30 allowed me time to avoid most of rush hour but it seems no one can drive once it starts raining, slowing down the whole M56. It’s too depressing to think that I spend ten hours a week in a car, so much so that I daren’t say it out-loud.

However there are always a few pros to go with the cons so here’s a list of the good and bad things about commuting the distance.


  • Pouring £50 worth of petrol into my car
  • Buying new tyres
  • Finding ways to keep your eyes open whilst driving
  • Listening to Radio 1 for 10 hours a day
  • Traffic
  • Witnessing how badly other people drive


  • You have plenty of time to practice singing
  • Calling people with hands free for a good catch up
  • Taking loads of magazines home is easy
  • Sometimes listen to good interviews on Radio 1
  • Loads of Tesco clubcard points from petrol

Of course the main reason why people commute is for the benefits of living at home which there are plenty of. Log fires, cooked meals every night, Sky TV, the dogs and pretending that you’re still young are all great reasons why you should live with your parents for as long as possible. As the winter is coming, however, it might be time for me to move closer to work and stop complaining about the drive to work.

But if there’s one thing I hate more than driving to work it’s looking for a place to rent.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Really want to see the new Thor film
  • Gutted Bake Off isn’t on tonight
  • I had my phone stolen in Dublin at the weekend
  • Almost a year ago since I left for Zermatt
  • Developed three disposable cameras today and it was expensive
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