Training for 10ks

So I’ve been doing a bit of running for a while now and I’m looking forward to my second 10k run at the weekend. When I started out running last year I was pretty unfit and would run/walk around 5k once every week or so but I soon managed to build up my speed. When I was on my ski season the only running I did was running to work at 7am because I had over slept. After living on a diet of coco pops, crisps and spaghetti carbonara for five months I struggled to start running again.

After investing in a good pair of Asics trainers it motivated me to get running. To motivate me further and make sure I got out of bed in the morning to hit the gym I signed up for the Tatton Park 10k which was at the beginning of September giving me plenty of time to build up my fitness. When the race came around I felt ready for it and was excited to see what it would be like running a proper race with lots of other people. It felt like the race went quickly and after running around the same route for a couple of months it was nice to have a change of scenery.

I completed the race in 1h 5mins which I was pretty happy with. For some silly reason I went out on the Friday night before the race and drank more than anyone thinking of running within the next week should have done. This resulted in me sleeping the whole of Saturday and feeling too ill to eat anything the night before the race. I’m hoping if I get a decent nights sleep before this race, and eat something so I have some energy, that I can do the next 10k in an hour.

The race on Sunday is the Flintshire 10k and it seems like it may be tougher than the last one I did. As the Tatton Park race was a Race for Life run it was mainly just lots of women running around wear pink tutus and bunny ears. The Flintshire 10k gives you a chip to put on your trainer so you can see exactly what your time for the race was. I’ve also heard that it’s a tough 10k with lots of hills but hopefully I will be quicker than I was a month ago.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I wish it would feel more like autumn
  • Dogs are good running partners
  • I will be quiz master at a pub quiz tonight Haim’s Days are gone album is amazing
  • Fingers crossed that the bookies are right about the Foo Fighters headline Glastonbury 2014

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