Strictly Come Dancing

As we move into October it doesn’t exactly feel like autumn, which is a shame, but it does mean that Strictly Come Dancing is on twice every weekend. It’s no secret that I love Strictly and after being able to be a part of the Strictly audience last year I am delighted that it’s back. As Bruce was off this week Tess and Claudia were presenting and after Tess’s wardrobe choice last week there’s no doubt that no one will be complaining about her amazing dress this week.

I have already marked Kevin and Susanna as my favourites. I like Susanna as she is a journalist and I also saw quite a lot of her when I did work experience at BBC Radio Manchester as it’s on the same floor as BBC Breakfast. I also like Kevin as he’s from the north and seems really nice. I remember when the One Show was predicting who would be the ones to watch Susanna wasn’t rated that highly but after her jive last week she is definitely a competitor.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor was amazing this week. You can tell that her and Brendan Cole get on a hell of a lot better than he did with Victoria Pendleton who he was partnered with last year. This dance was definitely my favourite of the evening. Abbey Clancy was amazing last week but not as amazing this week. It was really frustrating to watch how annoyed Abbey was after the dance as it looked like she was about to cry every time she apologised to her partner.

My Strictly predictions for the final four at the moment are Susanna and Kevin, Abbey and Alijaz, Sophie and Brendan and Natalie and Artem. I think the first three to go will be Tony and Aliona, Dave and Karen and Ben and Kristina.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Sunday nights are now best TV night of the week
  • Bruno is becoming tougher on Strictly
  • Can’t wait to finish season 2 of Breaking Bad
  • I got Glastonbury tickets today
  • An article I wrote was published on Hearst’s last week, here it is
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