What I’ve done this week

After recovering from a weekend in London for a mini Zermatt reunion it was back to work on Monday. I had a pretty bad cold so haven’t done much this week. One thing I did do was went to Man School on Wednesday evening at Great John’s Street Hotel in Manchester. It was a PR event ran by Frank’s Hot Sauce and although I was the only girl in attendance it was really good fun.

The idea of Frank’s Hot Sauce Man School was to become a better boyfriend or become better at pulling girls. Comedian David Morgan was there giving advice on how to pick up girls in a club. As he was gay he admitted that he might not have been the best man for the job. He was a really good opener to the evening and even said that it would be fun if me and him went to a male strip club, but we didn’t.

Next we had a wine tasting session which was interesting but I literally can’t tell the difference between wine apart from whether it’s red, white or rose. It was interesting hearing some other peoples opinions about wine, although there were two middle aged idiots who kept sharing their opinion when no one really wanted to listen.

I can’t remember who was next but memory expert Mark Channon was advising us on how to remember important dates. He could remember really long sequences of numbers which was impressive. He tried to test our memory using mental images to remember to buy milk which we were meant to remember on the way home but I didn’t remember it until the next morning.

A friend who I took with me was extremely excited to meet Dax O’Callaghan who is a professional choreographer for loads of big popstars. He was teaching the guys how to dance in a club without attracting too much attention and without looking stupid. It was pretty funny to watch a room full of 30 men doing the same dance moves.

Designer John Lancaster was educating men how to dress. John has designed suits for lots of famous people including Tom Hardy. He was talking about how much it costs to get a bespoke suit and all kinds of other advice, like not to tie your coat belt around your waist at the front. We stayed behind after to talk to John and he seemed like a lovely guy with a brilliant beard. He also said he preferred Esquire to GQ.

Other things I’ve done this week include going to a NAB’s fund raiser. NAB’s is the National Advertising Benevolent Society which helps out people in the advertising industry. It was really interesting hearing about how they’ve helped people and they had a cool NAB’s magazine which has advice for young people from top experts.

After NAB’s I watched Pitch Perfect at the weekend, went for a 10k run and improved my personal best, ate an omelette, went to the pub and played trivial pursuit, made a crumble, made a carrot cake, made a chicken pie then got stung by a wasp.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I’m planning on live blogging soon
  • Rolo cookies are amazing
  • Going to see Wicked on Wednesday
  • My countdown to Christmas has started
  • So excited for Downtown Abbey tonight

IMG_1287 man school

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