What I like about autumn

Now that we are safely in September, I am ready to start to embrace the autumn season. Although I am a fan of summer I sometimes feel that it may be my least favourite season. I do love the festival season which falls over the warm months but if I don’t have a weekend long festival to go to I’m not that interested.

It always seems like you have all this spare time and no money to anything with, or you do have the time and the money and whatever plans you have made are ruined by the weather. Summer gives people the false hope that going camping for the weekend is a great idea, but when there’s six people crammed in a four man tent, avoiding the sides because they’re soaked from the rain, it makes me hate summer a bit.

It may sound like I’m being very negative about all of this but when it concerns the other seasons at least we know what to expect. I know that when I put on a pair of boots and a warm coat on in the middle of November I’m not going to regret my outfit choice. Going out in shorts and flipflops in the middle of July is risky business.

Thinking about it I think it’s the fact that there are a lot more things I like about the other seasons that leaves summer at the bottom of my preferred seasons. In the spring time it’s always nice to see the trees starting to grown back, see the lambs in the fields and there’s Easter too. Autumn has the colourful leaves, fresh frosty mornings, Bonfire night, better TV, Halloween and leads to my favourite season.

Winter obviously has the massive attraction of Christmas which is one of the best thing in the world. Not only does winter offer amazing roast dinners, you’ve got log fires, potential snowy days, skiing holidays, Christmas eve, Boxing day, New Years Eve, New Years day, Christmas office parties, buying presents, giving presents, Christmas trees, wooly jumpers, big socks. I could go on, but I won’t.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I’m going to Ireland in October
  • About Time is not worth going to see in the cinema
  • White Lies album Big TV is pretty good stuff
  • Finally began to watch Downton Abbey Christmas special from last year
  • Going to my first awards ceremony on Thursday



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