One year of life of an ex-student

When I turned 21 last year not only did it symbolise the 21st year of me being alive, it also meant that it was 366 days since I graduated from university. I haven’t been a student for more than a year now also meaning that I’ve been an ex-student for the same amount of time.

This blog post will be my 50th post meaning that I have written a blog almost every week for a year which I am pretty proud of. Since writing this blog I have gone through graduating university, working as a waitress (again), doing a ski season for five months and scoring an internship at Hearst magazines.

After applying for the internship when I was in Zermatt and going through three interviews I have now been there for two months. On the day of my birthday last week my contract was extended to a 12 month internship. It feels nice knowing that I’ll have my feet under a desk for a significant amount of time.

When I started working full time I put my blog on the back burner, not taking it that seriously now that I had landed a job. But I’ve decided that I will keep writing it as it’s something I enjoy doing. It won’t be every week but when I feel a tweet isn’t long enough to rant about or I see another film that I like, this will be my port of call.

I think that this blog did help me to get my job and for other people looking for jobs and struggling you might as well write one as it’s only going to help you. In interviews I would say how it takes dedication writing it every week and can show how you’re a self starter. Plus it is good fun.

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