One month in new job

After working at Hearst magazines for a month I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. It still doesn’t seem long ago that I got back from Zermatt. The jobs going great and I am looking forward to my first real job pay day tomorrow. I’m finding the advertising side of magazines really interested and I’m starting to get excited when I flick through magazines and see an advert that our office has booked.

This week I’ve been helping out with the Country Living lunch which we’re organising at Tatton Park, updating our agency contact lists and filing August’s magazines away, which is making it feel like the summer is going very quickly.

One thing about working full time is that your evenings seem to go very quickly, especially with an hour commute. I’ve been waking up quite early some mornings and find that you can get quite a lot done if you wake up an hour early for work, like go for a run or make scrambled eggs for breakfast.

In other news I’m loving the fact that Wimbledon is back on and I go on holiday back to my friends house in the South of France for the fifth time.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I have already made a shopping list for when I get paid
  • Looking forward to topping up my Swiss tan
  • Watched Andy Murray documentary this week
  • Finding it hard to find time to write my blog this week
  • Can’t wait to go to Cannes next week
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