Working 9-5

I am now into my second week of working at Hearst magazines. As an intern in the regional advertising office in Sale I’ve been learning the ways of the business and have also been reading a lot of magazines. As well as reading lots of magazines I have been bringing home bagfuls of copies of Elle and Company for the family and we will soon have no more room of the coffee table.

It’s really interesting learning about the advertising side of magazines and seeing what a regional office of a huge organisation like Hearst does. Basically the regional office deal with all clients who want to advertise in Hearst magazines outside London.

It’s also very nice not being the work experience person anymore. Although I really enjoyed all of the work experience I have done, I now feel that I belong somewhere and when people ask where I work I can say Hearst Magazines instead of I did a ski season a month ago.

Tomorrow I’m going to the London offices on Broadwick Street to have a tour around their buildings and also meet up with the insert people down there as I will be dealing with inserts in the Northern office. In the afternoon I will be shadowing a fashion intern at Company Magazine in ‘the cupboard’. Images of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe and sample sales spring to mind.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Commuting to work is greatly improved with good music
  • Getting sunburnt on the back of you legs in painful
  • I will be getting a card with Hearst and my face on it tomorrow
  • Can’t wait for my first pay cheque
  • I booked the wrong flight for my holiday to France, whoops!

006 009 012 013 014

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