Festival Etiquette

After experiencing my first pop concert this weekend it has left me again thinking about how people act at live music events such as festivals, concerts and gigs. I feel that I’ve seen my fair share of bands and therefore have come up with a few points that I feel people should consider before attending such an event.

1. Footwear- Whether the gig is inside or outside, footwear is something that should be thought about as standing up for five hours in soggy socks is never fun. Wellies are advised for festivals but in an arena such as Wembley where you are raised off grass/a surface that could get muddy, I feel that Vans or Converse will suffice. Under no circumstances are the following acceptable: heels, flipflops, sandals or crocs.

2. Luggage allowance-I feel that it is always best to take no luggage to a concert if possible.  Your phone, money and ticket can typically fit in you’re pocket and you don’t have to worry about your bag getting dragged through the crowd as a line of people try to get past you. If you are considering getting to the front of the crowd, bags can drag you down so it’s important to chose a slim-line bag that won’t hold you back, like a small shoulder bag. Look to avoid large handbags and definitely stay away from clutches.

3. Hair styles- I know that people who suffer from frizzy hair usually cannot help it but when choosing a spot to stand in for the duration of the concert you should look at the hair styles around you. Frizzy hair can be annoying when its in your face for hours. Other problematic styles include high-pony tails and static hair.

4. Assessing your competition- In the battle to get to the front of a crowd it is important to assess the people around you. No one wants to get punched for trying to get the front but you want to make sure that you get in a spot that you’re happy with. For girls I like to think it’s easier to get in front of guys. If you’re struggling to see past them try asking if you can stand in front of them as they can usually see over your head. Remember, a girl may hit another girl so try to avoid any aggressive looking women who are bigger than you.

5. People to avoid- Depending of your genre of music there can be different hazards. One thing to avoid at any music events is couples. They tend to stand arm in arm throughout the whole event and not move or alternatively go on each others shoulders which is just a safety hazard. Look out for potential mosh pit starters and crowdsurfers. Wherever possible stay away from camera-happy people as you might end up watching your concert through their camera screen as they take ten minute long videos.

Seeing Beyonce perform at Chime for Change yesterday gave me a whole new concert experience. It was refreshing not to be crammed up against strangers at the front of the crowd but I feel that the atmosphere wasn’t as exciting as it would be at a Foo Fighters gig. Beyonce, Haim and J Lo all gave amazing performances but Florence and the Machine was too mellow and pretentious and Ellie Goulding seemed like she had lost her voice.

I feel everyone was too polite and the usual surge of the crowd when the main act came on just wasn’t there. If we wanted to we could have gotten ourselves to the barrier for the concert. We were in suitable shoes, had small bags and could’ve taken most of the people in front of us as most of them were screaming 15-year-old girls. But as the concert was all about promoting women’s rights and how women have to come together it would have felt wrong to push teenage girls out of the way to get ourselves to the front.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Starting new job tomorrow
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce are the ultimate power couple
  • I really like the film 13 going on 30
  • Beyonce is one of the best cases of celebrity PR
  • No more lie-ins

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