Review of Channel 4’s Skint

Last night I watched Channel 4’s newest documentary Skint. It follows a group of people living in the Scunthorpe including a 15-year-old who refuses to go to school and a middle-aged man living off benefits with 14 children.

It was a pretty fascinating documentary to watch which left me frustrated. The father, or step-father, of all of these kids had been working for 23 years and had said something like “think I’ve earnt some money off the social after that.” If everyone thought like this most of the UK wouldn’t be working either. It seemed amazing how doable it seemed to live off benefits and be able to survive.

Although whatever this guy was called did admit he had to buy chicken out of the back of a car a few times a week to get by, they seemed to be fueled with plenty of cigarettes and Stella Artios to keep them going for a while.

One of the other main features in Skint was a teenager who refused to go to school and kept calling his Mum a slut all the time. They showed how Connor had been refusing to go to school for something like three months. One thing I was curious about was how they managed to persuade these people to let them be filmed. I once asked if I could take a photo of a tramp for my uni project and he refused.

Whilst watching Skint I kept thinking how easily all of these people were getting away breaking the law all the time and not having to go to school.Ā Teenagers not wanting to go to school is nothing new. If kids don’t go they should be sent to youth offenders for schooling which should be funded by the money that would be going to their parents if they were going to school like normal people.

More action should be put into place to stop life on benefits looking so easy. Instead of putting money into the hands of drunks and crack addicts they should go into schemes or something that make sure tax payers money is spent properly.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I had a dream I was in the Foo Fighters
  • Finding an ipod shuffle is difficult
  • I’m slowly waking up later everyday
  • The Impossible is a great film
  • Can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby

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