Last week of the season

Unbelievably we will be leaving Zermatt in a weeks time. The crazy pace of the season has finally caught up on us and with a coach load of people already left, it’s all becoming rather depressing. Not only is it depressing that people have left but we’re also doing shut down of chalets which involves scrubbing every bit of your chalet. I love being in my chalet without guests and being able to watch ten-year-old episodes of Eastenders on BBC entertainment, but there’s only so much of scratch-carding away burnt bits on an electric hob I can take.

Once I’d finished my chalet we had to wait to see if the owners of the chalets were happy with our cleaning, turns out mine was not. Apparently the oven needs to be sparkling and the burnt bits I’d hoped would be missed sadly weren’t. So the new plan is to soak the oven in cleaner and leave it over the weekend. It’s not surprising the owners are so anal about end of season clean seeing as they’ve basically trusted a bunch of students or 18-year-olds with multi-millions buildings for five months.

The end of the season brings in a number of things for seasonnaires to consider like surely I can wait two weeks to do washing at home and surely I don’t need to shower that many times before I go home. One thing I might have to rethink is sink washing some socks as I am in desperate need of a clean pair of socks.

This week we had amazing weather and for the first time all season I didn’t ski on my day off. Instead we sat in our snow free garden in bikinis with beers staring at the Matterhorn all day. Going to be very strange not seeing that big old mountain everyday.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Although people told me it would happen, this season has gone so quickly
  • I am in love with Haim
  • It’s gone from being sun burning weather to snowing in 24 hours
  • Burns from chemicals hurt
  • Hello Frankie Howson

011 018 019 023 026

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