Three weeks left

After another day off yesterday we now only have two days off left as in the last week we’ll be doing end of season clean. Every day off I always find myself discussing how much we love doing a season and how we could do another one, then we remember we have to wake up early tomorrow morning and do breakfast. One of the many frequently asked questions by guests is what am I doing after my season and I explain how I’m looking for a job in the real world. I think it will be nice to be on the same page as all my friends at home and not be working stupid hours of the day and enjoying weekends. Saying this now I can guarantee that in a couple of months I will be wishing I was back in Zermatt.

Now that the end is drawing close I feel guilty complaining about everything. I’m really going to miss skiing. When I get home I probably won’t be able to go for a while as it’s so expensive which is why doing another season can seem attractive right about now because it’s  an easy way to guarantee that you will be skiing next season.

After paragliding on Tuesday one thing I definitely will miss will be living in the mountains surrounded by amazing views. My paragliding take off was a little bit scary as I was told to jog then run off the edge of a cliff. When we were up in the air it was pretty comfy in the harness. Before doing it people were asking me if I was afraid of heights but I couldn’t really remember. I’m fine on chair lifts but how do I know if I’m scared of flying in the air with a kite about you? Turns out I wasn’t which was good news.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Officially leaving Zermatt on the 26th April
  • OMG by The Streets is a really good song
  • I want to go sky diving
  • skied pretty hard this week
  • I hate waiting to hear back from interviews

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