Job Search Continued

Another week closer to the end of the season and my job hunting is still ongoing. I have had some positive feed back with a couple of interviews but as the interviewing stage develops I feel like the stakes become higher and my stress levels seem to rise.

Now I’m sat trying to research the relevant companies and prepare as much as possible for another interview and I’m having flash backs of my final year at university. When third year was drawing to a close I began to think about my degree and how much I wanted to get that 2.1 degree in journalism. Like any stressed student I handled it like anyone would, working all hours of the day and night, trips to the library at midnight and having the occasional breakdown every now and then resulting in raiding the chocolate aisle in the 24 hour Co-Op down the road.

I’m also having flashbacks of when I was working in marketing over the summers and frantically trying to come up with a stroke-of-genius idea that would win the company awards in the creative marketing awards. Typically when you need an amazing idea they all seem to go AWOL.

Speaking to other people about interviews everyone telling if its meant to be it’ll work out which I’m a strong believer of but I still find the whole process nerve wracking. Until then I guess all I can do is prepare as much as I can and hope to nail it on the day.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I wish there was a pill for turning your brain into a creative guru
  • Starting to watch season 4 of The Hills was not a great idea and I now can’t stop
  • Listening to a lot of Busted at the moment
  • I swear I bruise easier in the Alps
  • Also listening to R Kelly’s World’s Greatest makes me feel better about interviews

034 037 040 044 045

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