Transfer Day

Early on in the season transfer day would be the worst day of the week. The early starts and half hour naps throughout the day caused me to be exhausted all Sunday but 14 weeks into the season, they are now possibly my favourite day after Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I’m now quicker at getting the bedrooms ready and enjoy the few hours between guests leaving and new guests arriving. Although I still dread the standing on the road waiting for a yellow taxi with new occupants, I now find myself with a lot of free time between transfers. I’ve mainly been using this time to skype people and apply for new jobs.

Frustratingly the job hunt as suspected has been tedious and so far unsuccessful. I’ve been offered two interviews for copywriting jobs but failed to mention the fact that I’m in Switzerland for another six weeks to potential employers and turns out they need someone to start straight away. I’m glad I’ve had some positive responses from my applications but on the other hand I’ve also had a few standard ‘strong applicant but others more suitable for the role’ rejections. It’s frustrating as I felt I would be getting ahead by applying for jobs before I return but hearing that  I could be getting interviewed now whilst out of the UK is annoying.

I’ve also decided that I need to start saving money if I want to survive at home without a job for a while whilst applying for full time positions. Returning home with no money is a one way ticket back to my part time job in a pub which then is a slippery slope tol living at home and working part time for the next five years. My tips have been pretty average throughout the season but they have provided me with enough money to survive, as long as I stop spending ridiculous amounts on nights out.

With the countdown to my return to the UK beginning I will be skiing a lot more, spending less money and generally living more efficiently.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I need to start taking photos again to add to my blog
  • Don’t want to look up my ski tracks data as it will show how many days I haven’t skiied
  • The list of things I want to do when I’m back at home is growing all the time
  • I have completed a few things on my to do list
  • Can’t believe how little of the season there is left
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